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Are You Good In Bed? Take This Sex Quiz To Find Out!

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You know, when it comes to sex, suddenly everybody gets very sensitive. If you tell someone they suck at giving oral, it could mean the end of the world. This will not be taken kindly, and it’s quite possible that they will not even bother going down on you again. However, most of us self-declare how bad we are at saving money, or at giving up on carbs. We will talk about how our tummy is where all the weight goes and then go on to talk about how it’s okay to be flawed. But not when it comes to sex. With sex, we want to be perfect.

We aren’t saying you’re bad at sex. There’s really no one who can be terrible at something that is so natural. What we are saying is that it won’t hurt to do a quick self-audit and see how you fare at it. So you know how much effort you need to put to get better. Unless, you’re already quite a seductress! How do you find out? Take this quiz to know whether you’re good in bed or not.


Mostly As:

You are a sexpert! Your partner is lucky to have a woman like you, who is bold, confident and experimental. New sex positions, roleplay, and sex adventures with your partner are experiences you look forward to. Your sex life is bursting at the seams with excitement. Here’s to your fulfilling sex life and mind-blowing orgasms!

Mostly Bs:

You’re quite good at bed and responsive to your partner’s needs. While you feel an initial hesitation towards trying new things, you do it for your partner anyway. And most of the times, you end up loving them. So guess what that teaches us? That you could too come up with ideas that you’d like to do. We’ll say get to know more about your own needs and fantasies, so you know what you’d like to experiment with.

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Mostly Cs:

You’re probably having sex, but if that’s how your coitus sessions are, can you call yourself sexually “active”? Are you really into your partner? Or is something causing your libido to go down? It can be anything – body image issues, medications, or disinterest in partner. If your libido is at an optimum level, then try to open yourself to new experiences. Watch and read erotica, and get to know your sexual needs. Life’s too short to not have good or enough sex!

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