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5 Zodiac Signs That Are Absolutely The Best Kissers

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Kissing is the best therapy ever; you can immediately feel recharged! When you’re feeling low or stressed, a loving kiss from bae will instantly cheer you up. And we aren’t talking about a peck here. We’re talking about a full-fledged romantic liplock session that can get your heart racing and wet enough for more action.

While some of us are really good at kissing, some people are just not that great. Now of course, your experience level matters too, but did you know that you could have been born with kissing skills? Your birthdate can predict how great of a kisser you are. And if you belong to one of the following signs, you’ve already mastered the art!


When it comes to romance, there’s no one more dream-like than a Cancerian. Kissing them won’t be a random experience, but one that will fill your stomach with butterflies. They will pour all their affection on you and with every little movement of their lips, you will feel like you are coming closer to their soul. When they kiss, they nurture their partner, caressing their face and hair. It’s difficult to not fall in love at first kiss!


If there’s any zodiac sign that focuses more on their partner’s satisfaction, it has to be the selfless Pisces. The reason they are such good kissers is that they can read their partner so well. They know what kind of kisses will make them go weak and then they will use that to seduce them in the most magnificent way.


Wild and bold, an Aries usually initiates the first kiss, and why not, they know the art well! It’s their confidence and experimental nature that makes their kisses so good! You will always be surprised with the new techniques they bring to the table.


Kissing a Leo is like a royal experience. They will kiss not just any frog, but only a prince. Their kisses are wild and passionate and mostly French. Leos can make things so heated with just a kiss that it’s quite unlikely things will end at kissing.

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The thing with Taurus is that it’s one of those Zodiac signs that loves foreplay and kissing more than sex itself.  They give their all to kissing their partner in the most romantic way possible. They are playful and feminine, which makes kissing them not just super sexy but also comfy!


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