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Sonakshi Sinha Is Glad Her Sex Comedy Is Being Helmed By A Female Director And We Can See Why

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Not all of us can talk about sex with our parents. I mean some of us can. Perhaps. For the other mere mortals, we would rather be anywhere but there when this conversation happens. And the fumble isn’t from one side, parents are awkward too, often resorting to birds and bees to talk about it. As it turns out, it’s pretty much the same way for Sonakshi Sinha. Given that she’s dealing with a film that’s literally about sex, we thought it would be weird for her. She did too. In a recent interview, Sonakshi said, the narration was on the lines of, “‘A girl inherits her mama ji’s sex clinic.’ When I heard this, my first reaction was why have these people come to me with such a film? Don’t they know I only do family films?”

But what eased her stresses was that fact that the movie Khandaani Shafakhana had a female director in charge of the affairs. “Making the film became easier because the director is female. I don’t think a man could have treated this film as sensitively as Shilpi has. I became very comfortable having her around me. I felt like I was working with an elder sister.”

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Which makes sense. But even then, it couldn’t have been easy talking about a subject that’s relatively taboo. Given that most of us turn to our family when we are conflicted, we obviously wondered how Sonakshi’s family reacted to her broaching the subject on a big screen, no less. “When my mom heard the one-liner, even her reaction was the same, that how would I do such a film. I told her to read the script. Once she read it, she loved it. When you get your mother’s approval on such a subject, which can be dicey, you are relieved,” Sonakshi said. Oh, we could use our parents approval though we doubt we are getting any time soon.

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In fact, Sonakshi went on to say that sex education should be a part of our education. “I, myself, was one of those people who couldn’t talk to my family about sex. I never had that conversation with my parents because that is how we were raised. As a nation, we have been conditioned that it is not right to talk about sex. You and I are in this world because of it, so how can this topic be bad or a taboo? Why are children not educated about it in school?”

We ask ourselves this question every day Sonakshi.

Also, from the movie, a new song came out today and it’s the old school romance that we’ve seen on screen after a long time.

Sonakshi also has Mission Mangal lined up.


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