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Which Bollywood Celebrity Should You Have Sex With? Take This Quiz To Find Out

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Let’s admit it, Bollywood has had a major influence on our lives. No matter how much web content we consume, we can’t get over Vicky Kaushal’s cute smile, or Kartik Aaryan’s fun banter. We have a plethora of actors in Bollywood and women (including us) are crushing on them big time. We mean, women literally unleashed their tharak when Vicky Kaushal posted a picture of him eating an ice-cream. Or that time when he posted his shower-themed editorial shoot pictures.

Clearly, Bollywood actors are raising the heat with their stunning looks and personality. You could be turned on by their looks or by their talent – either ways, it’s hard to not want these gorgeous men. Now we know the chance of getting into their pants is rather slim. But if you could, who would it rather be? There’s no harm in a little fantasy. Take this quiz to find out which Bollywood celebrity you should sleep with!

Check out the results!

Mostly As: Tiger Shroff

If you and Tiger Shroff ever met, you’d feel mesmerised looking at his chiselled jawline, and washboard abs! You guys could hit the club, shake a leg or two and kiss in the dark. You want a guy who could make you sway and there’s no one better than Shroff to do that!

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Soaked in vogue.

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Mostly Bs: Vicky Kaushal

If we invested the time we spend scrolling through Vicky Kaushal’s Instagram feed on working out instead, we’d have a Katrina Kaif bod. You get so turned on, just watching him smile and blush makes you want to jump his bones. You probably missed out on a lot of scenes in Uri because you were so distracted by the hot man in uniform!

Mostly Cs: Kartik Aaryan

You love the combination of cute looks and boyish charm! Kartik Aaryan’s boy-next-door looks make you weak in the knees! If you ever had the chance to date him, you’d just sit on his bike and go for long rides. And then take him back to your place for good banging sesh.

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Enroute Montreal… Halloween time …

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Mostly Ds: R Madhavan

You always find yourself drawn to older men, with more experience and maturity! Madhavan may not be a youngster but he still looks hot AF. His cute smile, dusky skin and salt and pepper beard can make our ovaries explode in pleasure.


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