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5 Signs He Will Get Better At Giving You Orgasms. There’s Hope.

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Honestly, they barely show movies where people have bad sex. Sure, there was Shubh Mangal Saavdhan which dealt with the issue of erectile dysfunction. But all other movies just show people falling in love and just falling into good sex. So when we first have sex with someone and it doesn’t meet our expectations, how quick are we to dismiss it? But hey, Rome wasn’t built overnight and your sexual compatibility hiccup too can be fixed. Here are 5 signs that your partner will get better at sex. It’s not a lost cause!

  • He wants to know how you like it

Some men are essentially selfish. They walk in with a vibe that screams ‘your orgasms aren’t my lookout’. Well, of course, such guys belong in your trash, not your bedroom. But bae is not like that (one of the reasons he is bae!) He is very interested in your orgasms and checks with you on the things you’d like him to do. He takes your inputs as constructive feedback and not a blow to his ego.

  • You can see the effort

Once he knows how you want to be touched, it’s not like he just sits on that information. You see him going that extra mile to invest time and energy in practising it. They say practice makes you perfect and he is at it, consistently.

  • You both are comfy talking about it

The thing is, a lot of couples suffer from lack of communication and don’t speak up about their desires. But if that’s not descriptive of your relationship, there’s already a silver lining here. You can openly discuss with him your desires and he doesn’t dismiss them like they mean nothing. If I were you, I’d definitely root for this guy! He’s going to get better.

  • You are seeing improvement

There is significant improvement. Like he is kissing you the way you like and the other day, you had a short orgasm. Maybe not a wild one, but it definitely made its presence felt. That’s the result of all that effort he has been putting in. And of course, your patience!

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  • Some things are already good

It’s not like you feel nothing when your lips meet. There are butterflies in your stomach every time he touches you. And you’re definitely attracted to him. You feel like jumping his bones but it’s just that it’s not perfect at the moment. But some things are, and you need to give him one for that.

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