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Planning Ahead Leads To Better Sexual Satisfaction, Says Science

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The thing is most of us are just a bunch of tired people at heart, who just wish to kick back, lie on the couch and watch Netflix for hours. There are some of us who cancel plans because you’re too seduced by your soft bed and venturing into a crowd just feels like unnecessary movement. Then there are those that are a level deeper in this whole laziness bubble. We refrain from making plans altogether. Or when we do, we go to the bar in our neighbourhood or better yet, call our friends over. I mean, we do slog our asses all week and then we just need some low time. Is that too much to ask for? No, except that our sex lives suffer because we just end up not having enough. For us, do you know what would be really cool? Scheduling sex! And now we have science telling us the same thing.

According to a study by the Ruhr University in Bochum, Germany published in the Journal Of Sex Research, the best way to keep the spark alive is planning your sexy time in advance. You can pick a date and time, and plan it to perfection. So here’s how the scientists got to this conclusion. They conducted interviews with nearly 1000 couples and found that the key lies in being “thorough and dutiful” when it comes to planning sex.

The study found that those who plan well and make sure they’re ready to get it on feel more satisfied and uninhibited during sex. The couples were also checked on where they fell on the Big Five personality type – openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism. And it was found that people in the conscientiousness category did do really well in sex. “Conscientious individuals reported better sexual function,” researchers wrote in the study.

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Conscientious individuals are known to be thorough in planning and organising. And honestly, if you know much in advance that this Saturday you’ll be getting it on, the anticipation itself can put you in the mood. Also, you can prep yourself better – get your waxing appointment, conserve your energy, fantasise about what you want to do, etc. It’s like arriving fully prepared. You know, it’s these students who are the top rankers and walk away with the accolades

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