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5 Reasons It’s Okay To Breakup If The Sex Is Not Good

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When we are looking for a partner, we think about so many factors. We see if we are on the same page, if we have topics to discuss, if we respect each other, etc. We carefully assess our compatibility – then why do we ignore sexual chemistry? In fact, if after a lot of discussion and effort, if a roll in the sack is still ho-hum, why do we feel shallow and guilty about wanting out? That’s just how we’re conditioned to think. If sex is important to you and you can’t do with bad sex, it’s okay to breakup. If there is no scope of improvement, it’s okay to breakup. It’s not just about physical pleasure, it’s about the connection that bonds two people. Here are 5 reasons you shouldn’t feel guilty about breaking up because of bad sex.

Physical intimacy is as important as emotional intimacy

Why do people have sex when they are in relationship? Because it’s an important part of your relationship. To have a satisfying connection you need to connect on several levels – mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. With even one element missing, it can affect smooth functioning.

Eventually, it will begin to frustrate you

Unless you have no sexual desire or your partner has no qualms over you having sex outside the relationship – it will begin to frustrate you. Repeatedly having sex that’s unsatisfying, will put you off sex. And why should you even put up with a lifetime of bad sex?

If he is selfish in bed, he is selfish outside bed

I believe that if someone is inexperienced, they can definitely improve in bed. But for whatever reason, if they are not putting effort in making you come, then they are being selfish. And if he doesn’t care for your pleasure in bed, would they care for your pleasure otherwise? It’s worth giving a thought to.

If there’s no sexual chemistry

Sometimes, it’s not about the effort, but there is no sexual chemistry whatsoever. Trying to have sex with them feels like you’re banging a cushion. It just doesn’t do anything. In fact, when it comes to love, you do need that tiny little spark to enjoy the relationship and not make it a drag.

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You both can’t find middle ground

If you want drastically different things, and nobody is willing to compromise, it could mean you’ve reached a dead end. Like say, he is obsessed with back door sex and you just do not want it. At the end, both of you are left unsatisfied and let down. So, why not find someone who wants the same things as you?

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