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5 Ways Role Play Can Transform Your Sex Life

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Love and all that is cool, but sex is an integral part of a relationship. You know what’s worse than no sex? Boring sex! Sex that seems more like a chore than a sexy romp in the sack. But bad sex life can put you off the act for a long time. And by bad sex, I don’t mean two people not being able to get it on. Routine, with anything, can be equally mundane. Imagine, eating the same dal tadka, every night for dinner. Even if you absolutely love it, would you be excited by it, third day in a row? I wouldn’t. Role play is something a lot of couples try to mix things up. And the fact that you’re reading this article says that at some point, you’ve thought about it too. Maybe you already know the fantasies you’d like to play out. Maybe you just need a little push, you know, in the right direction. Fret not, let me give you 5 amazing reasons to give role play a shot!

1) You can fulfil your fantasies

We all have fantasies and fetishes that we really want to try out. But sometimes, we don’t know how to start! You know your partner will be up for it. How about starting with some role-playing? You can be anything you like, or anything you can actually manage to find costumes for. Do you want to do a stranger hook-up role play? Or a teacher-student one? They say you should be yourself, but here, you can be anyone you want. Even Beyoncé!

2) Break the monotony of your sex life

When you initially start having sex, everything feels new and exciting. And now, after too many times, it’s just slightly less predictable than sun rising in the east. You know exactly which positions you will be trying. And then you’re just lying down and thinking – did I endure so much pain of getting waxed, investeso much on lingerie, for this? Role playing can bring the spice back, with every sesh feeling like as new as ever!

3) Changes the relationship power dynamics

Role-playing often comes with opportunities of trying out dominant-submissive dynamic. You explore characters and their roles, and it helps you see the other side of your and your partner’s personality. If you’ve been the submissive one in the relationship, it can actually help you show your stronger side, and if you like it – let it remain that way!

4) Brings you closer to your partner

Role playing is a form of self-expression because you’re enacting your favourite fantasies. So in a way, you both are breaking all barriers and baring yourself to each other, literally as well. It will deepen your trust and intimacy – exactly what sex should do!

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5) It’s a way of self-discovery

While trying out different fantasies, you might as well find the magic tricks that really arouse you. You will understand your body better and you can include those elements in regular sex too. It’s like walking into a room you know too well, blindfolded and being able to navigate anyway. The best thing is – you can try that for real too, if you know what I mean!


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