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7 Things You Realise When You’ve Not Had Sex For A While

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A sex sabbatical is not the most pleasant thing to experience for a person who used to have a very active sex life. So I am not going to sugar coat this. It’s not an attempt to encourage abstinence either – that’s not my business! You can’t watch a sex scene without wanting to grab the actor in it. When your friends tell you about their sex adventures, you feel like it’s burning your ears and loins. You get tempted to break your dry spell with the next match but then his lacklustre personality makes you change your mind. Well, it’s not all bad. A dry spell can open up your mind to a lot of things. Here are 7 things you learn when you’ve been off sex since a while.

1) You don’t need sex for orgasms

I mean, being off sex doesn’t mean that you have to bid adieu to your precious orgasms. Why? Don’t single people have the right to bask in the post-orgasm glow? You have your regular sessions of ‘me time’ which basically includes you getting yourself off with some porn…or imagination!

2) After a while, you begin getting comfortable with the life of masturbation

As you go deeper into this life of self-sufficiency, you find dealing with your dating app matches even more tedious. With masturbation, you can satiate your carnal desires, at your convenience. With a guy, you don’t even know if the sex will get you the big Os. But wait, don’t let your sex life get sucked into the black hole of abstinence.

3) You’ve gone without sex for so long, you’ve begun to find even Shakti Kapoor attractive

Even though you’ve voluntarily decided to be off sex, it doesn’t mean that your body stops desiring coitus. At this point, your sex life is so dehydrated, there are some deserts that are swankier! You end up finding just anybody attractive. Sure, it makes you really doubt your choices and standards, but thankfully your sanity holds you back from going home with a creep. Or does it?

4) You can get sex dreams about just anyone

When your friends discussed their sexy dreams, you heard it and your jaws dropped straight to the ground. Except, now you have had a sex dream about your friend who you had lamp-zoned for ages and wouldn’t fuck to save your life. After waking up, you’re just like ‘wtf even just happened?’

5) You can have sex on the first, second or whichever date you want

They say holding off sex will keep a guy interested. But how messed up is that? A guy who is not interested can ghost you even after three dates sans sex. These things aren’t related.

6) Sex is really easy to get

You feel like a diabetic in a candy store. Opportunities of having sex are everywhere – one click away, one text away, one drunken night away. And yet, you realise that the sex sabbatical you’ve taken for whatever reason, has made you resilient.

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7) You learn what you really want out of romantic connections

This has given you time to reflect on what you really want out of your romantic connections. Sometimes we are in a phase where we want sex with no strings attached. Sometimes, we are seeking sex but with commitment. Either ways, you really figure your needs and desires and dive in only when you know what you want.

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