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If You’re Feeling A Little Bogged Down Mentally, Here Are 5 Tips That Could Help

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We live in an era, in which mental health, at every age is being severely compromised. There’s so much going on in our lives. We are constantly striving and struggling to be a certain way, do certain things and it’s taking a toll. But does it have to be that way? A workout is a great way to keep physically fit. Unfortunately, there isn’t a recommended workout for the mind- it should be a thing. But here’s what you can do to be in a better place, mentally.

Don’t feel pressurised to fit into boxes

Our society is trained to make even the most successful people feel like failures. It can make the most beautiful person feel insecure. It will nudge at your self-esteem, like what you do with your life is their business and they will let you know that you’re failing. I know it’s easier than done, but the day we break the chains of stereotypes we’ll all just be happy with who we truly are. At the end, who doesn’t have flaws? Love yourself for who you are and forget about the boxes that demand to be checked.

Let go of toxic friends

We all have those connections that leave us feeling exhausted. We meet them, and return home, drained. Sure, it’s difficult to pin point. That friend who is just with you for their benefit, the friend who drowns you in negativity – they are all toxic connections that you don’t need in your life. Be selfish and let them go.

Let go of a toxic relationship

Nobody enters a relationship in exchange of mental peace. And yet, sometimes, we fall into the trap of a toxic boyfriend (here are the signs) who is only bringing you down. They may claim they love you, but you don’t hurt the people you love. Find someone who elevates you instead, and helps you be the best version of who you are.

Learn to take a step back

We’ve grown up looking at life like it’s race or a cut-throat competition. We measure success by our bank balance. We assign an age limit to everything and that’s just what makes most youngsters feel so disoriented. It’s okay, you don’t have to destroy your mental health in order to get that promotion. You don’t have to always take the difficult route. Live a little. Take that day off and be content for a while.

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Pursue happiness unabashedly

We’re often made to feel guilty about doing things that make us happy. Like working mothers are made to feel like they don’t care about their children. From your sexual preferences to your life choices, it’s all yours to own. Everybody has the right to pursue happiness, and in that process, if some people try to throw shade at you, tell them to fuck off.

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