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5 Signs Your Relationship Has Become Toxic And You Should Let Him Go

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None of us enter a relationship wanting it to end. And certainly not end badly. In fact, when you’re single, it takes a really convincing guy to get us to commit to entering a co-dependent, romantic partnership. In the start, everything seems rosy. You sing songs of love, text each other sweet nothings all day, and make promises you think will never be broken. Except, you begin fighting, but that’s normal – every couple fights. But the fights and issues escalate to such an extent that you feel all of this was just a big bad mistake. And before you know it, your relationship troubles spill onto every aspect of your life. You’ve tried sorting things out, but you feel like it’s just not happening. Snap out of the toxic relationship, because mental peace over everything else. But how do you know for sure if your love is damaging your well-being? Here are 5 signs that your relationship has become toxic.

Your relationship is draining you

When you’re in a healthy relationship, it will uplift you. It will rejuvenate you, heal you and give you a new sense of vigour. But if your relationship has been sucking the life out of you, then is it even worth your time? In Sex And The City, Samatha compared her relationship to cancer, and that’s when she realised it’s become toxic for her. Don’t wait for it to become a disease!

It’s begun to affect your health

A lot of people fail to understand but our emotions and mental state greatly influence our physical health. A toxic relationship will not just reduce your mental health, but you can actually begin to get headaches and body ache. Your immunity will become low and you will be falling sick much more often than your boss will appreciate.

Your productivity is at an all-time low

Our focus is primarily on two things – our work and our romantic relationship – especially in our 20s. So when your love life looks like a battle ground, your mind will go in SOS mode! You will focus on your relationship woes, much more than you should. The result? Your work will suffer. Of course, when you’re listening to heartbreak songs at work, it’s not very conducive to productivity. At the same time, you feel so disoriented and lacklustre that anything which requires extra effort gets relegated to a corner, including family and friends.

You’re not able to focus on your self

Let me tell you – food is not love. Yet, what do you do when your love life looks unappetising and your mental balance has gone for a toss. You go indulging in sabotaging activities – snapping at people, drinking more frequently than ever and eating meals so large your server assumes it’s for a family of four. For what? A bad relationship that will be tossed out sooner or later?

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You are losing self-confidence

When you started dating this boy, he told you that you’re the sweetest person he has ever met. He texted you paragraphs on how much he adores you, how cute your smile is and everything that makes you special. Several fights later, he has accused you of things you never did, assigned to you bad qualities you never had. At the end, you wonder – am I not good enough? Am I really that bad? The way he treats you reflects his nature, not yours.

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