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This Girl Who Looks Like A Zombie Lookalike Of Angelina Jolie Got Arrested For Blasphemy. Was It Necessary Though?

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If you’re a gullible person, then social media can be intimidating for you. Someone who doesn’t question the authenticity of things, would easily believe that almost every woman in the world has baby-like skin. They will buy into the show people put up on Instagram and believe that people are just travelling, looking pretty and living a lavish life. But a wise person will know that the pictures come with a lot of presets and I am not talking about just the technical kind. These days, almost everything is staged – even love for that matter. People giving #CoupleGoals may be having the same kind of fights everyone else does. The reality of social media is rather warped. And so are the pictures of Iranian Instagram sensation, Sahar Tabar, who tries hard to look like Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie. Except that she has turned into what Angelina would look like, if she became a zombie.

Sahar Tabar apparently, sees her bizarre look as a work of art. “Every time I publish a photo, I paint my face in an increasingly funny way. It is a way of expressing yourself, a kind of art,” she said. She had also told Sputnik, last year that her Instagram pictures are a result of a mix of Photoshop and makeup. However, this kind of artistic expression (if that’s what you can call it) didn’t go down well with the Iranian authorities and she got arrested on the charges of blasphemy, which is “cultural crimes and social and moral corruption”, as reported by The National.

In her pictures, she flaunts an odd pout, upturned pointy nose, and light eyes. How are these flaunt-worthy is a different subject altogether. But keeping the aesthetics of her game aside, I don’t think making yourself look like a “corpse bride” – which is what she calls herself – should be a crime of blasphemy. It’s not like she is creating a cult or religious group, neither is she raising zombies. But then again, Iran is not known for its freedom of expression.

Apparently, she lost weight and came down to 40 kgs and went under the knife 50 times to look like this. However, we don’t know how much of this is really true, considering she is just a teen and cosmetic procedures do cost money.

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It’s one thing to go under the knife to change some features and another to completely change your appearance (and that into something horrifying). There are several people who spent a bomb on their obsession with wanting to look like a Barbie. There are so many human barbies out there and it goes beyond my understanding.

We aren’t sure what’s going on here – with her face or with the government making the arrest but we know we don’t agree with it.


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