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5 Signs You Are Not Compatible With Your Partner

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While growing up, we feel love is all we need for a relationship to last. And then you start adulting and realise that your life’s has been a lie. A lot of things come in the way – people move to different cities, some don’t get parental approval, some don’t even know they are in love until it’s too late. But then there are also times, when you get into a relationship with the guy of your dreams and everything else works, except that he drives you nuts. You try so hard to be compatible but something is just off! Your fights go nowhere and every date turns into warfare. You’ve blocked and unblocked him several times, and now you’re beginning to wonder if he is the right guy for you at all. Chances are you guys are incompatible. But having said that, issues can be worked on, if both people are willing to put efforts. Here are 5 signs you guys are not compatible!

1) You both are stubborn

While, ideally none of you should be stubborn, but it’s still okay if one person is and the other is not. Like I may not realise (and when I do I don’t admit) I am stubborn. So when I am angry, and bae gets stubborn too, the argument will not go anywhere unless one of us budges. But with an equally stubborn partner, the fights feel like verbal wrestling and before you know it, the plot is just a dot in the horizon.

2) Your need for love doesn’t match

It’s okay to be opposites when it comes to likes and dislikes. He doesn’t have to develop affinity for continental food for home, when all you want to do is stick to your chole bhature and pani puri. But what makes a couple incompatible is a gap in the demand and supply of love and affection. You can compromise on your wants, but not on your needs.

3) Sometimes, you feel you can’t talk openly

I can’t emphasise enough on how communication is one of the pillars of every relationship. There’s no science to this but some people we really connect, it feels like time flies with them. And then there are people who turn us into the quietest of beings. If you and your partner sit across the table more interested in your phone than speaking with each other, it’s time to reflect. Do you feel you have no common interests? Or that he doesn’t truly understand the things you say? This can be worked on (ironically by communicating!) if you both are willing!

4) Your sense of humour isn’t the same

You crack up on the lamest jokes from The Kapil Sharma Show, sarcasm has become a part of your personality and he doesn’t get any of this. During a movie, when you find a scene funny you turn to him laughing hard and he is just sitting there with a mortified look on his face. What is life if you can’t share some laughs with bae?

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5) You’re on a wildly different intellectual level

I have known couples who broke up because they didn’t match intellectually. You don’t have to get an exactly same score in an IQ test, or both be engineers. Also, that doesn’t really define intelligence. Are you street smart? Is your emotional intelligence quotient strong? If you constantly feel like that he lacks the ability to understand things important to you, it can be quite frustrating. You can’t really blame him, because if a guy is emotionally dumb, then he just is.

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