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Monica Dogra’s Intricate Boxer Braids Are So Badass

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The lovely ladies in Bollywood have been upping their braid game for some time now. From Shraddha Kapoor’s braided ponytail to Sonam Kapoor’s pull-through braid and Alia Bhatt’s various braided looks, the girls are killing it in the braid department.

And just when we thought we’d seen it all, Monica Dogra knocked us over with her take on the most talked about hairstyle currently — boxer braids!


Monica Dogra Boxer Braids In Post_Hauterfly


Boxer braids are nothing but a glamourised version of cornrows, which have always been a popular hairstyle among people of  African descent. They’ve been the centre of controversy ever since Kim K (who else!) wore them not too long ago and christened them boxer braids. While Kim’s hair was styled in four cornrows that ended in two boxer braids, Dogra’s hair has a lot of intricately woven braids. If I’m not mistaken she has at least nine cornrows going on there in a style that’s quintessentially ghetto.


Monica Dogra Boxer Braids Close-Up_Hauterfly


Damn neat! I like the way her hairstylist has weaved the braids in that curvy design and the fact that she has a braided bun in there as well. Full marks to the stylist for doing such a neat job on these intricate braids. While there’s no way you can do this one your own, you can definitely enlist a friend to braid your hair like this. And if you are like me — the only braider (is that even a word?) — then you can opt for a far simpler version of boxer braids a la Khloe Kardashian.

Inspired to put your braiding skills to test? Here’s a video tutorial to help you:


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