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5 Ways To Increase Your Sex Drive So You Can Enjoy Sex More Often And More Intensely

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You know when you go for a buffet and end up eating too much? You know. Also, by the time you get to the dessert section, your pants are threatening to rip open and fall off. But you love dessert and you really want it, except you’re one bite away from going into a food coma. That’s the kind of frustration you feel when you really like sex, but your appetite for it seems to have diminished. You want to want it more but there you are, feeling too full, too soon. Low sex drive is coming for your sex life. Don’t let it take it away from you. Here are 5 ways you can increase your libido so you can enjoy sex more often and more intensely.

Break the monotony

When you begin to have sex with a new partner, you explore new moves and it has you feeling all refreshed and lusty. And then it becomes a routine and his sex moves are rather predictable. Novelty goes out of the window and is slowly replaced by its dull cousin monotony, which is infamous for lowering libidos. Completely overturn the apple cart and introduce new moves, positions and role play into your sex life. This should have you tingling for more.

Schedule your sexy time

If you know in advance that a steamy session of sex lies ahead, you will be better prepped (read waxed, smelling like roses, etc!) Pair that with the anticipation of your fav sex positions and you have the perfect recipe for bed-breaking arousal. Sexting before you see him will make things even more exciting!

Cut back on the alcohol

Well, yeah sometimes alcohol does make you hornier; how else would we justify all those drunken mistakes? But over time, alcohol decreases your sex drive and that’s only good if you’re practising abstinence. So think about it.

Work on your body image issues

Blame it on our fucked up society that you feel insecure about your body. Because really, you shouldn’t bother about those extra inches around your waist or some body hair. In fact, men don’t even bother about these things; he is more interested in making love to you. Once you get rid of these body image issues and embrace your imperfections, you will feel prettier and more comfortable while making love.

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Assess medical issues if any

Several medicinal drugs and medical issues can interfere with your sex drive. Anti-depressants and birth control pills can alter your hormones, which results in a change in your libido. PCOD too, can cause your sex drive to increase or decrease. Check with OB-GYN about these issues.

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