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5 Surprising Reasons Sex Can Be Painful And What You Can Do About It

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Sex for the most part, is fun. It’s all things pleasurable. What’s not to love about kissing, and hugging and cuddling? However, sometimes, it hurts and because this hasn’t happened before and now it has, it can throw you off.  Of course, this takes away all the fun from the act so now it feels like a chore than any giving any sort of enjoyment but that isn’t even the worse bit. Pain during sex is an indication that something is not right. It can be a physical or psychological condition. It can also mean you aren’t getting turned on enough. Either way, there’s nothing great about it! Don’t worry, all hope is not lost. Here are 5 most common reasons that sex can become painful and what you can do about it!

You aren’t lubricated enough

Virgin or not, if you’re not wet enough down there, the intercourse will hurt. Lack of lubrication causes friction and makes penetration difficult. Vaginal dryness can be due to not enough arousal or low levels of oestrogen.

Solution: Increase the foreplay and don’t jump into the act too soon. You could also try out a lube (it will transform your sex life!) to make it slide right in!

The positions aren’t working for you

Some positions may not be suited for you and your partner. If certain positions are hurting you, it could mean that the angle of his penis is not in sync with your vagina. There’s really no one way to have great sex and if something is painful, talk about it and then get creative. You’re bound to find one that works.

Solution: Try out different positions in order to zero down on those that work for you. Here’s a tip – missionary and sexual spooning are comfortable for most women. So you can bet on these two!

Your cervix is getting touched

A large penis is not always a great thing! If your cervix is lower and his penis is reaching all the way down to it, it may cause you discomfort. And you thought size didn’t matter!

Solution: We aren’t saying you should ditch your bae just because he is well-endowed. Instead, try Reverse Cowgirl or Reverse Spooning sex positions – these work like magic with big penises!

You have Vaginismus

Vaginismus is involuntary spasm of your pelvic muscles during intercourse. It almost works like a reflex – the way you blink when an object is too close to your eyes. Because your muscles tighten up down there, and your vagina is practically shutting itself, penetration becomes painful.

Solution: The most common cause for vaginismus can be fear or mental block against sex. Maybe you’re nervous or you aren’t sure of what you’re doing. Try to get to the root of your apprehensions; you may not even need medications. If it doesn’t work, consult your ob-gyn.

You have an infection down there

If you have an STI or Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), penetration will make your vagina feel sore and inflamed. Look for symptoms such as itching, burning sensation or pain during urination.

Solution: There’s no way out other than consulting your ob-gyn. Although there are home remedies but a diagnosis by a professional is safer. Usually it takes about a week or so to get rid of an UTI. Meanwhile, keep sipping on the good old cranberry juice!


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