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5 Thoughts Every Girl Has When She Is Having Spontaneous Sex

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When you’re single, the world is your oyster. You can dress up, go on several dates with several interesting men. Of course, you will really have to sort through your matches to find those diamonds but they exist somewhere amidst the crystals. You are on a date with this hottie, the conversation is flowing effortlessly. He even makes you laugh while you flirtatiously touch his arm. He leans in to talk to you because the music is really loud. And before you know it, you’re already locking lips. One thing leads to another and you know that the night isn’t going to end just yet. But here’s the thing. You weren’t expecting your hormones to take over your senses. You probably told your mom you will be back by midnight! While spontaneous sex can be a rush of adrenaline with the right guy, it can also mean that you didn’t get time to prepare for this- emotionally or physically. Here are things that go on in our heads when we end up having a spontaneous hookup!

I shouldn’t have cancelled my waxing appointment

When I take my jeans off, he will have to witness my hairy legs. OMG, will he be okay with that? Will he get grossed out? Hell no, I am going to act like it’s all about wanting to break stereotypes. Okay, let’s just keep the lights dim.

Omg, I am in my “comfortable” panties

He must be expecting his date to undress to reveal a sexy thong. But well, he is out of luck this time. Why did I have to wear my old white undies? I hope he doesn’t notice my bra’s underwire is popping out.


I wasn’t planning on staying over

What do I tell my mom? Ok, I need to inform my best friend that I am at her house, at least according to my parents. Shit, why did I hog on the garlic bread? I need to start carrying mints.

Will he think I am easy?

That will be a huge misunderstanding! Or am I really that easy? Okay, let’s not have self-doubt, at this point at least.

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And I thought we’d just make out

Seriously, when I was dressing up, I was like I won’t have sex with him this soon. But there I am, drunk and horny, on his bed. Well, I don’t regret it – the sex was great! However, next time I have to be prepared!

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