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5 Reasons You Should Talk About Sex With Your Girlfriends. I Do It All The Time

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I am not the kind to shy away from conversations around sex; I write about sex for a living! It’s not like it took me any extra effort to empower myself to be unabashed about sex, which is a taboo subject for most people in our country. It’s probably because never in my growing up years, I participated in sex discussions with fellow girls in hushed tones. I have grown up bingeing on American and British TV series. So until I actually began to understand the dynamics of our society, I was oblivious to the fact that women in India are expected to pretend like we have no sexual desires. So naturally, my BFF and I discuss sex at times and it’s just another topic. Honestly, we go from movies to clothes to sex all in one breath. And it’s almost therapeutic, talking abotu sex with your girlfriends. I am not saying give an in-depth account of every move but speak when you must! Here are 5 very good reasons why!

1) You learn new things

It’s not like I can go around speaking to random women at bars and asking them about their sexcapades. But I can admit to having discussed positions, girth, size and moves that I find difficult to pull off and she has done the same. At the end, we’ve learnt so much. There’s porn but it is known to show sex in an unrealistic manner.

2) You know when something isn’t right

Have you ever felt that something isn’t right but weren’t quite sure? When you talk it out with a fellow sister, you can confirm your thoughts, which helps you in taking a stand. Even when it comes to our body and health, we can talk to each other.

3) It reassures you that your struggles are normal

Do you hate giving blowjobs? Do you wonder if it’s just you whose gag reflexes get triggered while at it? If you talk to your besties about your struggles, you will be able to figure that a lot of women go through this and other things. So you don’t have to think ‘Is it just me?’ Basically, it confirms that you’re not weird. Maybe slightly but not completely.

4) Sex shouldn’t be a taboo subject

Why are we so discreet about sex? What makes us feel that it’s inappropriate to talk about sex? Our society has been feeding us false information and we are just buying that shit. This is just a scam to curb female sexuality and unless we get rid of the shame attached to sex, we will not progress.

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5) It fosters sisterhood

Don’t tell me it’s not fun to wine and whine with your girlies and indulge in a bit of TMI? We’ve all done that, and those who haven’t should definitely try it out. It promotes sisterhood and makes us feel that it’s us against the world, learning from each other and looking out for each other.

And that’s just fabulous.

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