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5 Reasons Why Having Sex When You’re Sleepy And Tired Is A Terrible Idea

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When I was younger and didn’t have to earn a living, I could stay up all night. I could party all night and go home in the morning and survive on just a few hours of sleep. But at 28, when I have to work 10 hours a day and commute for another two hours, I really cannot pull this off. At least not very often. Yeah, I know this makes me sound old and all that but it is what it is. And I am pretty sure, most working people can relate to this – all my friends do! Imagine when you partied Friday night post work and all you wanna do is crash on your soft bed, then bae decides he wants to get it on. I have realised sleep is more important, even more than sex. Has anyone ever felt exhausted from delaying sex a bit? Sleepy, tired sex is a terrible idea and here’s why.

1) It begins to feel like an obligation

Women are made to believe that their relationship will suffer if they don’t have sex when their man feels like. But here’s the thing, men’s sexual desire isn’t paramount. Yes, it’s a novel idea but it’s true. A woman needs her damn sleep! And if you feel pressured to have sex when you’re really just tired and sleepy, sex will begin to feel like a chore and less of fun. Michael Aaron, a Manhattan-based psychotherapist, told NY Post, “People begin avoiding sex when it feels lethargic or obligatory.”

2) Sleepy sex is bad sex

When you’re sleepy, you’re also quite clumsy and lousy. You’re doing everything half-heartedly and that kinda sex is just not fun. And you know what they say about bad sex – it reduces your libido which never bodes well for sexy time. Sex can wait, sleep first!

3) You begin to resent your partner

Honestly, I can’t function without my zzzs and I don’t find it romantic if he doesn’t let me sleep. If he loves me he will let me sleep and feel fresh. You know if you have to stay awake every night working, you will begin to hate your job. Don’t let sex with bae begin to feel like a job you hate doing!

4) Sleepy sex doesn’t rejuvenate you

Sex is supposed to give you a rush of happy hormones, pep you up and give you glowing skin. But sleepy sex does none of that. Instead, you wake up the next day feeling exhausted and wanting to just sleep in to recharge yourself. What’s the point?

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5) You can always mutually masturbate

When you’re sleepy and horny, instead of indulging in a long sesh of sex, you can simply masturbate! You know how to make yourself come the fastest. So cut to the chase and get some self-love and then some sleep.

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