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5 Reasons It’s Okay To Touch Yourself Even When You Have A Partner

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Masturbation is frowned upon in our society. And a lot of women who do it, wouldn’t be caught dead admitting to it. So most people have no clue about it, because nobody really discusses it. We assume that people masturbate when they are single and sexually parched. But that’s a myth! People can and should indulge in this self-love even when in a relationship because, why not? Well, that’s not reason enough but we have more. Here are 5 reasons you should masturbate even if you are in a relationship.

1) It helps you know your pleasure points well

When you’re asking for directions (because Google Maps doesn’t have it all figured out yet!), the person will be able to direct you only when they know, right? Similarly, if you don’t explore and understand how your pleasure points work, how will you guide him to giving you orgasms? It’s better than shooting arrows in the dark.

2) It’s all about you

He gives you orgasms (we hope) and that’s great. But should you be dependent on him when you have all it takes to make you come? I don’t think so. You can orgasm as per your convenience and spend your ‘me time’ feeling euphoric. The best part is you’re relaxed and the only person you will be pleasing is …you! This is the best time (and the only acceptable) to be selfish in bed!

3) It lets you explore your fantasies

Most women masturbate in leisure. We like to take some time out, wear comfy clothing, blast the ac, get under our duvet and drift away in fantasy. Whether you like to watch porn, read erotica or just use your imagination, it’s up to you to stimulate yourself. And you can do it at your own pace. This helps you get in touch with your deep most fantasies and know what really rocks your boat. What’s even more amazing is that if you have a willing partner, you can actually try out those fantasies with him. Or just use it as an escape from reality, who cares!

4) It improves self-esteem

When you’re having sex, your partner is feeling your body up and looking at you, naked and raw. You on the other hand, are thinking about all the imperfections that dent your body. When you’re masturbating it gives you the chance to admire yourself and make yourself feel pleasured. In fact, several mental health studies have linked masturbation to a positive body image and self-confidence.

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5) You can even masturbate together

Imagine coming after a party; you’ve danced all night and your feet are killing you. All you wanna do is fall asleep but you’re also feeling quite horny. As much as you love bae, let’s not kid anyone here – nobody wants a long foreplay session when you’re sleepy AF. Mutual masturbation is great in such a situation when you have to come and you have to come fast. Nobody can make you orgasm faster than you. You could be kissing each other and cuddling but instead of doing each other, you’ll be doing your own selves.

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