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This Thread Has People Talking About The Green Flags In A Relationship. And It’s A Beautiful Thing To Read About In These Times

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When you first dive into a relationship, you are bound to find some red flags, because, news flash, no relationship’s perfect unless you’re dating a character from Nicholas Sparks’s novel. Although some you can work out by talking it out, some are really annoying and make you want to jump the ship. We have all been there, done that.

However, while you are looking for these red flags, you might as well look for some sweet gestures, actions and the little things they do that makes you realise you are in for it for a long haul. Sadly, everybody talks about red flags, but no one seem to bother about what little signs you should look for in your partner that guarantees you that they are a keeper.

Maybe that’s why a user on Reddit took it upon themselves and asked what are some little-known green flags in a relationship. People started sharing the sweet moments and habits that made them seal the deal. If you are in a relationship, this Ask Reddit thread is totally worth a read.

What are some little known relationship GREEN flags? from AskReddit

A user wrote “Telling the little details about your day. There’s something really precious about that, and you feel in-tune with the other person.” This is so important. Conversations is what keep the relationship going. If you can’t tell the person how someone spilled coffee on you or how you finally got your favourite jeans on sale, why are you even together, right?

Another user shared, “If it’s a chore you both hate, you do it together. My late husband and I both HATED folding laundry, but it had to be done. So we always did it together. Made the chore less of a pain.” Couples who do chores together, stay together.

A user said that it was how they make you feel comfortable so you can be you when you are with them. “When you like the person that you become when you’re with them. Everyone projects a different version of themselves around different people and if you don’t like who you become when you’re with someone, it’s probably not going to be the healthiest relationship. Your SO should bring out the best in you.”

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Some even mentioned the littlest thing that we don’t tend to notice often like “Remembering things you said (like foods you don’t like or topics you are passionate about),” and “You recommend them a book or movie and they actually take the time to check it out,” and my personal favourite is “When you’re on a road trip and your partner feeds you fries and helps you drink your soda or whatever. I think that’s such a nice simple gesture of kindness.”

It’s amazing how these little things your partner does that you don’t even pay heed to sometimes, make your relationship so beautiful. We often forget to stop and appreciate these green flags and rather focus on the red flags. Maybe, we should check in on the relationship both ways.

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