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This Girl Asked A Guy To Send A Cover Letter To Ask Her Out And He Made A Resume. Where Do We Find Romantic Guys Like These?

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For the longest time, while growing up, I saw my friends get proposed to left right and centre by boys with flowers in hand, chocolates in pockets and a poem or two as a recital proposal to woo the girl, while I just stood at the sidelines waiting for a day when I too would get approached. You see, I  was kind of a late bloomer, but as I’d like to say, when I finally came of age, so did the proposals, and a quite a few innovative ones too at that. One of the most interesting ones being at my first job at a Big Four, when I was asked out by way of an email from a colleague, who received full points for being creative but didn’t receive the date. But seems like that won’t be the case for this guy from California, who gave all the other proposals a run for their money, as he asked a girl out by sending across a resume that was custom designed for her!

James, a student at San Diego State University, thought of an uber-innovative way too woo a girl he had been eyeing for almost 4 years. The girl in question told him to send her a convincing cover letter if he really wants to take her out on a date. And he did just that. Even though the guy confused a cover letter for a resume, he still managed to take the girl, Kristii and all of Twitter by surprise with his overwhelming effort of actually designing a resume that looked like a great dating profile.

The fact that this was the last semester, and probably his last chance to ask a girl out, James crafted an impressive resume that had his objective, education, and ‘mating qualifications’, all of which, as any woman will tell you, are the most important things. Stating his qualities as funny, good in style and a mama’s boy (because who isn’t?), the guy won full marks on being witty and focused for getting Kristii’s attention.

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He even mentioned the names of his ex girlfriend as references! Only that this over-confidence might have back-fired, for one of the ex claimed how he cheated on her with the other two in the list.  However, letting bygones be bygones, we hope that like Twitter, Kristii too will give this guy a chance, because if she won’t, we just might!

After all, it’s heart-warming to see men go a step further and beyond than the ordinary, reminding us that not all of them lack decency. Guess the digital age is giving a nice spin to romance, and as an audience, we’re lovin’ it!

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