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5 Reasons That, Despite Being A Millennial, I Prefer Meeting People In Real Life Than On Dating Apps

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There comes a point in every woman’s life when she feels the need for companionship, she needs someone she can tell about her day and he, because he loves her or likes her, has to grin and sit through every detail. A point in her life when she wants to feel loved and be take care of. For me, this point has come and gone more number of times than I can count on my fingers but then I drown these feelings in alcohol because I would rather do that than drown in feelings. And it’s not like I haven’t tried enough or as hard to put myself out there to find my knight in shining armour and trust me, at this point, the standards are pretty low. In these times, this equates to a guy who is decent enough to call you the next day and not send your girlfriends a follow request at the same time.

From logging on to several dating apps to even using social media platforms sometimes as a way to meet and connect with potential love interests, I have gone all out in trying my luck at finding love. Digitally. But it was only recently, when I stumbled upon a guy in flesh and person, and let things happen organically, that I realised I was doing it all wrong.By trying to pitch myself on dating apps, I was restricting myself from finding that real connection that I have always wanted.

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And it was then that it dawned upon me, how going old school and meeting guys in real life will always be better than meeting them through dating apps. And here are 5 reasons why I think that is…

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No surprises

Most of the times, when you connect with someone through a dating app like Bumble or Tinder, you spend enough number of days talking to the person up to the point you think you know them enough to meet them. And unlike what it shown in movies where the match is nearly perfect and made in heaven and sculpted by a Greek god himself, more often than we’d like to admit, the person looks nothing like their pictures. You’re surprised by how he looks or talks or carries himself, which you couldn’t have anticipated on text, or just plain disappointed that this guy’s texting personality is way more interesting than his real-life personality.

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No scope for lying

The thing with meeting people IRL is that, it strongly limits the scope for being fake or lying through your teeth. Because when you’re out there, having stumbled upon by chance, not having the time to do a quick social background check and trying to say only what you know might impress the other person, you’re more likely to be yourself. There isn’t a need to lie or project yourself as someone else, and that naturally puts you to ease and allows for an honest and real conversation.

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No chance to procrastinate

I say this from personal experience, and many others will agree and relate to, talking to people or meeting them through dating apps almost always results in keeping them hanging by a thread. It kills the need to be prompt and proactive because you’re always so laid back with the option of replying when it’s convenient that you end up procrastinating your feelings for them.

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More meaningful

Now, by saying this I don’t mean to insinuate that meaningful relationships can’t stem out of a tinder date, but chances are that when you meet a person in real life, there is a more stronger connect with them than when you start off by talking on a dating app. The proximity, the chemistry, the eye contact, all of these factors come in to play and all at once when you’re meeting a person in flesh, and call me old school like that, but there is nothing that makes the moment more meaningful than being there in person.

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So Many Fish In The Sea

There is a certain mind space or a mentality with which people usually make their profiles on dating apps. For me, it would be to find someone for a long term relationship, but for a lot of others, it might just be a way to engage in a casual relationship or a hook up. Either of which are okay. But there’s a fat chance, a very fat one at that, that they are hitting you up at the same time that they’re hitting someone else up. In real life, if a guy is hitting on you, he’s going to keep this attention on you, unless he wants me to vamoose. It’s great that there are plenty of fish in the sea but your aim can’t be to get every single one of them, right?

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