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Sending Emojis Can Get You More Sex, Says This Study

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If someone snooped through my WhatsApp chats, they would know that I am a heavy emoji user. For people I love, I use a ton of hugs, all shades of hearts, and a variety of smiles! In fact, I have explored and exhausted the animal emoticons to such an extent, I can build my own animal kingdom on WhatsApp. They even come handy when some creeps decide to slide into your chats and send unsolicited greetings. I send a smiling face, a grimace face or a middle finger and be done with it. And I know, that it’s not just me. A lot of people express better in emojis than in words. So when a recent study revealed that people who use a lot of emojis have a better dating life, I first got riled up, and then hopeful.

First things first, here’s what the study says. The study says that people who use a lot of emojis are able to build emotional intimacy and have a successful dating life. There were two separate surveys conducted that gathered information on participants’ emoji habits and their dating and sex lives. The research was conducted by The Kinsey Institute in Indiana University and the Department of Psychology in Lake Forest College in Chicago.

According to the combined result of both studies, it was found that people who frequently use emojis in their chats scored more first dates, and had sex more often. So, if you’ve been sending plain vanilla texts to that crush of yours, you now know what to do!

So my first reaction to this story was like yeh jhooth hai! Because heavy usage of emojis hasn’t really helped my dating life, beyond a certain point. But then when I reflected on my dating history, I realised that while texting and using a whole vocab of emojis did lead to a lot of things, it didn’t give me permanent relationships. But there’s only so much emojis can do. It can’t really mend damaged people and f**kbois. Also, if you’re one of us emoji-users, here’s a good news that will give you hope. The study also revealed that such people are likely to be kissed and have sex with their dates. There, there! Parched but not for long!

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If you’re wondering how these two completely different concepts are connected, the study has answers for that too! It says that people who use emojis may be better at forming intimate and emotional connections with others. It also helps soften a harsh message or express a lovey-dovey one more aptly.

For all its worth, that kiss emoji might as well score you a real Frenchie!

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