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Study Reveals Women Who Drink Are Seen As “Sexually Available”. We Think People Need To Grow Up!

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For ages, we’ve been fighting sexism and that’s not just our responsibility as women. Men too are responsible to fix our society and the issues that plague it. We’ve been judged by the clothes we wear, the number of men we’ve dated and on the status of our virginity. If a girl has dated more than one person, people jump to the conclusion that she is promiscuous. But if a guy does that, he is just charming, a stud even.

Meanwhile, among all the stigmas we fight, there’s the added pressure of what people will think about the choices you make. And while you may think it’s from archaic times, that’s not true. A study, titled ‘She Looks Like She’d Be an Animal in Bed: Dehumanization of Drinking Women in Social Contexts’ by the Worcester Polytechnic Institute explored the stereotypes applied to women who drink. It revealed how women who consumed alcohol were seen as more sexually promiscuous, and a lot more.

Drinking and sexual availability

The researchers asked study participants to respond to photos and fake social media posts of both women and men drinking. And it’s more disturbing to know that it is not just the men but also women who believed that a woman holding the exact same drink as the man was more “sexually available.”

This study clearly reveals the misogynist ideas plaguing minds all over the world. And women bringing down other women with such sexist ideas makes us want to shake these women up. We need to lift each other up, and that goes for both men and women. At the end, to function as a society and to make progress, we need to go beyond numbing stereotypes.

Drinking and morals

The participants also judged the women who were drinking as unsophisticated, less intelligent and immoral. We can’t wrap our heads around this logic. Please tell us how their brain cells function, and what has caused this serious deterioration of rationale. And these are probably the kind of women we all hang out it, we only don’t judge them as harshly.

It was also found that people may be less likely to help a woman in a risky situation if she’s been drinking. This is because they might think she’s interested in casual sexual behaviours, and therefore not think the situation is a threat to her. Yes, because I sipped on my mojito, I am A-okay with getting robbed!

Jeanine Skorinko, a psychology professor at the institute, who also authored the study found the conclusions rather troubling, “This is especially shocking because just holding a beer bottle increased perceptions of intoxication and sexual availability for women, but not for men.”

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Everything that’s wrong with our society

We know as a matter of fact, that drinking alcohol doesn’t indicate whether or not a woman wants casual sex. The movie Pink throws light on this issue- the girls were humiliated and their characters were assassinated,- merely for having a drink or two with the boys. It may have been a piece of fiction but unfortunately it echoes what is actually wrong with our thinking. This mindset has implications which are not just limiting but also gravely dangerous.

Well, we don’t think there’s anything wrong in being sexually available, that’s a choice, but our point is drinking is not an indicator of anything except that you enjoy alcohol. Can we all just grow the f**k up?


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