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Having Sex Makes You More Likely To Survive A Heart Attack. That’s More Reason To Get It On

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Our society is divided into two halves – one tries to convince you to abstain from sex and the other will find several reasons that will make you want to get it on tonight! There’s no in-between here. Again, sex is something that though very intimate, it feels like everyone is interested in your sex life. Whether you’re having too much of it or you’re sexually parched, people will judge you on it. So, if you ask me, which team you should choose – go for the one that’s pro sex. The naysayers are going to end up being all frustrated and shit. Because, science has proven that sex makes you happy, healthy and more productive at work. And according to a new study, sex can actually make you more likely to survive a heart attack. Makes my case even stronger here!

So the study published last month in in the American Journal of Medicine says that having sex can improve your survival rate and heart health post an attack. The research was conducted on 1120 participants who had a heart attack in 1992 or 1993 and were monitored through till 2015. The same study also revealed that sexual intercourse improved your life quality and longevity. In fact, having sex after a heart attack was found to decrease mortality by 37 per cent.

Now, the study doesn’t say that you got to have sex thrice a day to increase your heart health. You can have it once a week and it still does the trick! The researchers also said that it’s possible that the relationship and the human connection was responsible for all that healing. So, what I understand from this is that while casual sex is good, having an intimate relationship with someone you love will double up the health benefits. It’s actually not very difficult to connect the dots here. You’re in a healthy relationship, you feel loved, at peace and that reduces your stress. And we all know what stress does to our health, right?

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However, the study also warns that a lot of other factors affect heart health, and sexual activity is not enough to get good health. “Adjusting for age, lifestyle, socioeconomic factors and health concerns weakened the connection between sex and survival, study authors found, noting that sexual activity is possibly a sign and not a cause of superior health,” it says.

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