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5 Zodiac Signs That Are Serial Daters

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When you date without really giving yourself a break, everyone will suddenly start telling you should give yourself a break. If you have more than two dates a month (with two different peeps) you will find your friends looking at you with judgemental eyes. Like the way they’d look at someone who had their French fries without asking. But like Shah Rukh Khan said in Dear Zindagi, if you try so many chairs before buying the one that perfectly suits you, how can you not put the same effort in finding a partner? Why should you settle for the first guy you date, even if he doesn’t seem perfect for you? You owe yourself that; it’s part and parcel of self-love. Or that’s how, us serial daters would like to defend not being single since being hit by puberty. Also, there’s a difference between serial daters and players. A serial dater is exploring people with an intention to find the right fit and be honest about it, while a player will try to con you by being fake emotionally. Did you know some people are just born serial daters? Apparently, if you belong to one of these zodiac signs, you can’t keep it in your pants. JK. You love dating, profusely, consistently.

1) Gemini

While nobody likes to voluntarily sign up for boredom, if you’re a Gemini, you despise it with your heart and soul. Which is why, when things begin to slow down in your dating life, you’ll find yourself looking for an escape route. Now it’s not like you don’t like commitment, but you’re looking for someone who can be as unpredictable and crazy as you. Until then, it’s “thank you, next” for you.

2) Cancer

If there’s one zodiac sign that is an absolute sucker for romance and commitment, it’s Cancer. But your expectations and standards are so high, that it’s very difficult for you to be content with a connection that is even remotely less than magical. So you date and date, till you find your soulmate.

3) Leo

If you’re a Leo, you will agree that you love having an audience. You bask in the glory of being someone’s centre of attention and that means not having any shred of romance in your life, can make you a grumpy lioness. You love dating, being wooed and swept off your feet – it’s your idea of fun.

4) Libra

If you give Libra a choice between a bad date and no date at all, they will go for the bad date. It’s just important to them to have a romantic connection – someone they can woo, take out and show their lovey-dovey side to. It’s easy to assume they are falling in love with you, but they are just in love with the idea of love.

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5) Sagittarius

These folks are free birds. They love meeting new people and first dates. Which is why, they can only commit to someone who will give them space. They hate feeling the pressure of checking in with someone, or dealing with a lot of feelings. So until they find a partner who is equally adventurous, they let their souls wander from one romance to another.

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