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5 Things Every Guy Wishes You Knew About Sex

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The thing with sex is – like anything else – it improves with communication. Imagine going to work and your boss playing guessing games with you. What if he expects you to read his mind and still give him a report exactly matching his expectations? While some bosses are like that, we know they are quite the painful kind. So if you don’t already know what your man wants in bed, this article will definitely help you peep into his mind. Here are 5 things that he really wants you to know about sex. You can thank us later!

He likes it when you’re honest and vocal

Guys are not really good at the guessing game you bring to the bed every now and then. He would love it if you cut to the chase and tell him what really turns you on. If you want him to spank you, say it. If you have certain sexual fantasies, talk about it. If you couldn’t orgasm, don’t fake it. Honesty goes a long way. In fact, that’s the only way you can actually enjoy sex.

Sometimes, he wants sex to be just sex

Yes, love and all that is great. Cuddles are cute. Missionary is a classic intimate position. But sometimes, he just wants you to have raw sex. It doesn’t mean he is objectifying you. In fact, he wants you to take in all the physical pleasure there is. Bring out your animalistic side to the forefront, unabashedly!

It’s sexy to know how to take charge of your pleasure

While sex is an experience you both will share, but sometimes, it’s cool to do your own thing. You know how you’d like some time to yourself in a relationship. He’d like you to know it’s okay for you both to watch porn separately. Or give your individual selves some good orgasms. In fact, even while having sex with him, you can indulge in pleasuring yourself with sex toys, without feeling awkward. He definitely will find it sexy!

He wants to be touched too

If there’s one thing a man would definitely like you to know is that his penis is not the only erogenous zone in his body. There are several spots that will make him horny AF and you need to explore them. Like his thighs, ears, neck and nipples (some men do find it erotic). So good – there’s more of him you can plant kisses on.

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A little praise won’t hurt

Everybody feels encouraged with a little praise. But he doesn’t want you to fake it. Let him know what he’s doing right. Tell him how good the last time was and what you’re looking forward to. He will love it and pleasure you with a lot more enthusiasm!

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