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Veena Malik’s Comment On The Chandrayaan 2 Mission Was Idiotic And Netizens Have The Best Replies For Her!

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It’s a wonderful thing to have family, especially if it’s like mine. They love me, they make fun of my inability to say my r’s and they support me wholheartedly. Except my brother, who is an annoying sibling, but otherwise, they are amazing. If I ever under-performed or fail at a certain something (wasn’t very often *humblebrag*) be it an annual exam in school or not securing the first place at a dance competition, they would always remind me of how much effort I put into it. And that it’s not the win or the loss, that matters, and that they were proud of me for trying till the very end and not losing hope. A practice that only made me want to strive harder for that win next time, because I knew I had the support of my family. Something that I witness happening recently, but at a much larger scale. On this Friday, the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) attempted to land Chandrayaan 2 on the surface of the moon. After several anxious minutes, it was revealed that we had lost contact. But then, it was heartening as literally the entire country came together to support ISRO for a fantastic attempt. Because that is what a family does, right?

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Still, 95% of the mission was successful and it was still recognised as a great effort and raging success by everyone across the globe, except for one very bitter and honestly at this point, exhausting actress – Veena Malik. Famous for, or better yet, infamous for her poor sense of humour, she once again landed herself flat in the middle of a controversy after extending her unsolicited and rather idiotic comments over the Chandrayaan 2 mission, offending nearly everyone who read it.

The actress whose claim to fame is that she appeared on Big Boss and a couple of forgettable movies in Bollywood, has proved that she is as shallow as it gets, especially with the kinds of tweets she’s been dishing out. From her utterly distasteful and insulting tweets from the time of IAF Officer Abhinandan’s capture to now dissing the Chandrayaan 2 mission, Veena Malik seems to be high on putting down India for any or no reason at all. For which, the netizens, including us want to start a nationwide movement to ask her to shut up. This after the series of tweets she dropped saying things like, “Endia Should Have made Toilets Instead…Poor Endiaaans #indiaFailed #Chandrayaan2Live”

And while we’d like to take the high road and not indulge at all, there were several netizens who did not let her trashy comments slide by and gave it back to her, in what were hilarious AF tweets. And these turned out to be the best way to turn away the Monday blues.

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