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Veena Malik Loses All Respect For A Hateful Tweet About Sushma Swaraj. That’s Distasteful

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You know what’s great about the internet? That everyone, including me, is allowed to have an opinion. You know what’s shit about the internet? That everyone is allowed to have an opinion and put it out on a public platform. And while normally we would let it slide, because if you spew filth, you should be allowed to but we shouldn’t actually have to listen to it. But even if you are on the internet, let’s not abandon the basic rules of decency. We recommend the compiling a book about the rules of online behaviour which should certainly include definite ideas of what you should be allowed to say and not say. And one of the top things would be to not be an asshole when someone dies.

Obviously, abandoning all humanity and decency is Veena Malik who should not be allowed any sort of internet access. Unfortunately, she’s on social media. And today, while a leader of Sushma Swaraj’s stature was being cremated, Veena Malik had this to say.

Look, we know she’s not alone. There were many people talking about Sushma Swaraj in less than flattering terms. But, largely, people were complimentary. They spoke about how she was a great leader, a humanitarian and one that helped Indians in distress, across the world, out. And then there was this massive idiot. Obviously, netizens went after her.

If you’re confused, like I am, about why so many mentions are being made of Ashmit Patel’s underwear, it is because when she was in the Bigg Boss house many eons ago, she apparently washed his underwear for 2 months straight. Yes, as a writer, I do come across eye-opening information every day. And this was something like that. I thank the stars for my job everyday.

Anyway, you know what would be great? That Veena Malik would shut up. And her thrown into a black hole. #KThanksBye

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