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This Same-Sex Couple Became The First In The World To Carry A Baby In Both Their Wombs. Aww, Their Story Will Warm Your Heart

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There are so many things we are able to do in this century that somebody from another time wouldn’t have imagined. Like be able to speak face-to-face with someone miles away. Or be able to surreptitiously stalk on social media. Which is why, we have so much more to be grateful about that science is bringing us closer and making things possible. For instance, a same-sex couple based in England became the first couple in the entire world to carry a baby in both their wombs. How? It’s interesting to say the least.

Donna and Jasmine Francis-smith had a little boy and they both carried him in their wombs. Yes, that sounds confusing but it’s not at the same time. This shared pregnancy involved the embryo being incubated by Donna. It was then transferred to Jasmine’s womb and she gave birth to the boy. The entire procedure was carried out in a London-based clinic using technology from a Swiss fertility company.

This is remarkable! That way, both women could experience pregnancy and share motherhood in the most natural sense. Donna expressed to Cosmopolitan UK that this technology can make it so much better for people, especially same-sex couples. “The treatment can benefit so many people – not just same sex couples. Science is a magical thing,” said Donna.

However, there are always naysayers and negativity-spreaders. The couple got trolled by several people for opting for this new breakthrough in IVF. But the couple is not bothered and more concerned about the happy moments they are cherishing with their little bundle of joy!

From a time when people in same-sex relationships got death penalty to this, UK has come a long way. And they are setting an example for the rest of the world. It’s already been a year since same-sex relationships got legalised in India and it’s amazing how many people of the LGBTQ community have come out and are able to freely date.

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The first sex re-assignment surgery happened in Germany in 1930 and 79 years later, two women were able to share pregnancy. This will benefit straight couples as well and it’s just amazing how science does these little wonders!

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