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10 LGBTQ Movies And Series You Can Watch On Netflix To Celebrate One Year Of Bidding Goodbye To Article 377

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Exactly one year ago from today, India witnessed a milestone moment when the Supreme Court unanimously took down Article 377. That was the moment when not just the LGBTQ community rejoiced, but most people did, There was rainbow everywhere – both on the streets and social media – and in our hearts! But when we found that the lawyers behind this change – Menaka Guruswamy and Arundhati Katju- have been a couple, it just added tiny sparkles into our colour spectrum! And the celebrationg continues, from weddings to movies like Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga and the upcoming Sheer Qorma, this is no longer a topic being brushed under the carpet. So while we’re at celebrating the first anniversary of the taking down of section 377, here are 10 movies you can watch on Netflix that speak to our very soul.

  1. Queer Eye

The reality series originally started off as Queer Eye For The Straight Man but went on to become Queer Eye to expand the scope of inclusion. A typical episode shows the Fab Five (queer) use their expertise to prep up the client and provide the support they may require. Of course, you can expect a lot of fun and catty banter! While this is meant to be a lighter way for LGBTQ representation in showbiz, it attracted criticism for upholding the stereotypes around queer men. But to hell with that, this is a guilty pleasure we aren’t giving up.

  1. Pose

Pose is an American drama that shows the LGBTQ ballroom culture, set in the eighties! Every frame comes alive with vivid colours and shows relationships and friendships in a beautiful light. However, when an HIV pandemic breaks out in the country, the show changes track becoming a real tear-jerker as people are lost and relationships couldn’t outdo a deadly disease. What really adds flavour to the show is the crazy good 80s music that will give you those retro vibes.

  1. Carol

Set in the New York City, the movie takes you back to the 1950s – a time when the world was not open to the idea of homosexual relationships. In that period, the most forbidden affair could be between same-sex individuals and this movie explores this theme. The romance and chemistry between the lead characters is so electrifying that it received a 10-minute standing ovation at Cannes!

  1. Orange is the new black

The series opened door for all kinds of queer stories to be told. And not just that but to make for a highly-appreciated and award-winning show! From lesbian love stories to that of an out transgender woman who found unprecedented attention – OITNB took marginalised stories to make mainstream content!

  1. Duck butter

This movie is a unique one – as two women decide to throw themselves into an erotic relationship for 24-hours straight – even though they have just met. What really makes it special is that it was actually shot in 24 hours and a lot of dialogues were the result of improvisation. Duck Butter is devoid of other themes typical of a queer movie such as homophobia or sexual identity struggles and focuses on their romance – as raw as it can get!

  1. The Feels

The movie will actually give you the feels – left, right and centre – as the intimacy between two women is shown unabashedly. The camera refuses to pan away from it and even though the climax is a bit rushed, the movie has a happy and gay (whattey pun!) ending.

  1. Black Mirror season 5

The series, which is immensely popular in India, featured a very thought-provoking queer story in its 5th season. If you’re a fan of futuristic content, this one will stimulate your mind! Also, the intimate scenes are so hot, it can make a straight person want to experiment!

  1. Fourth man out

No, this movie doesn’t aim to bring in a revolution or change, for that matter. Or should I say, it couldn’t. However, it effectively talks about the present scenario in a way that’s lighter and meant to be taken with a pinch of salt.

  1. Elisa & Marcela

The beauty of this movie lies in the fact that it is based on the true story of the first gay marriage in Spain, a century before it was made legal! However, the questions that plagued the lovers mind back then are pretty much the same as today.

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  1. Nanette

The Netflix special by Australian comedian Hannah Gadsby quickly went from being just your regular stand up special to absolutely smashing it, quickly gaining the status of being iconic.  The satirical format is thought-provoking and entertaining, all in one.

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