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A Lesbian Couple In Chennai Thrown Out Of A Hotel By Homophobic Staff. What Great Hospitality!

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It was last year on 6th September 2018, that Article 377, after years of struggle, was finally decriminalised by the government, making consensual sexual conduct between two individuals of the same sex, a non-criminal act. Yes, we had a law that invalidate the love between two adults. However, the law has been abolished, so all is good, right? Oh, wrong. So, so wrong. The law may consider love, love but the Indian society has a long, long way to go. A harsh truth Rasika Gopalakrishnan and her girlfriend Shivangi Singh had to face. This couple was recently asked to leave a hotel in Chennai due to their sexual orientation. It’s true.

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The queer couple in question here, Rasika and Shivangi were out enjoying on a Saturday night when the hotel that they were at, asked them to leave the premises for them being ‘visibly queer’. We are not sure what this means but clearly the hotel was being visibly homophobic about it.  According to reports, the hotel has denied the charges claiming that the women were indulging in ‘inappropriate behaviour.’  The couple have a different story to tell.

They shared how during the night, the two girls were being lustfully stared at even after they moved over to the dance floor to avoid the unsolicited gaze of the men, but they couldn’t avoid them. Soon after, Rasika shared how Shivangi fell sick and was rushed to the washroom by Shivangi, which is when things got even worse.

Rasika said, “In less than five seconds, we heard frantic knocks at the door, accompanied by both male and female voices demanding that we immediately step out. It frightened me to hear this, and I felt safer inside the cubicle than outside it. We stepped out, scared, trembling. One woman and two male bouncers were standing right outside the stall, with two other male bouncers lining the way out of the washroom. One of the male bouncers shouted at us, and said, ‘What were you doing in there?’ I replied, ‘I was helping my friend out, she was feeling sick.’ He never stopped to listen to us, and his immediate response was, ‘Were you helping your friend or were you doing something else?”

Later, Rasika shared the entire incident on social media, followed by an apology by the hotel, only to be later threatened by the working partner of the hotel, Varun Ganeshan. According to reports, he issued threats to make the CCTV footage of the night viral to the public, to which both Rasika and Shivangi were indifferent.

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They said. “First of all, there is nothing inherently wrong about making out, but here’s the thing – we didn’t. We did not allow ourselves that kind of a straight-privilege; as a same-sex couple, our display of affection towards each other is socially outlawed.” And we couldn’t help but agree to the sad truth. The people in the country are still largely averse to the idea of being gay and given the option, would love to pretend that they don’t exist. But to see them together expressing their love? OMG!

We however, stand with the young couple and shame such hotels and the people for publicly humiliating queer couples for their sexual orientation. It is about time we let love be.

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