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Sona Mohapatra Releases A Statement Thanking Tanushree Dutta. She Isn’t Backing Down And We’re Glad

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William Congreve was a 17th-century poet who once wrote, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” What he might not have realized is that hundreds of years later, this quote will have a whole new meaning. History is evidence that whenever women come together to fight against something, they more often than not win the battle. Just like we hope Sona Mohapatra wins this ongoing battle against famed serial predator – Anu Malik. Actually, we want that he step down, and her fight brings about the change she is hoping to create because according to her statement on Instagram, she isn’t one to back down and nor should she. I for one, can’t wait for the day Anu Malik and all the others who think they can get away this kind of heinous behaviour are brought to justice.

Before jumping right into it, let me give you a quick background for the events that have taken place (because you’ll need to know!) Anu Malik was first accused of sexual misconduct by several women including Sona Mohapatra, Neha Bhasin and Shweta Pandit during last year’s wave of the #MeToo allegations that crashed Bollywood. Though at the time his story did not create the response it should’ve *rolls eyes* (Hauterfly did a mad amount of coverage on this, you should check it out), he was dropped as the judge of Indian Idol. For the moment, everyone was content with the action taken against him. Just like you would expect, our content was short-lived, it only lasted until the Sony TV decided it was time to rehire him. Because, why not? It isn’t like women are going follow through the allegations, right? Wrong!

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It was then that Sona Mohapatra took it upon her to open everyone’s eyes to what he had done and bring him to justice. And she isn’t alone, her fight was recently acknowledged by Tanushree Dutta, who is often credited as the kick-starter of the Indian #MeToo campaign. In an interview, Tanushree had Sona’s back when she posed some tough questions about Anu Malik’s reinstatement and slammed him for his half-assed open letter. She also applauded Sona for carrying on “the good fight!” This is the kind of support that every instrumental change needs.

Now, Sona has released a detailed statement on Instagram that we find rather interesting. In the statement, she says that she feels “elated” that Tanushree has critiqued Sony channel’s double standards. She also says that this fight isn’t against one man but the whole system and that she isn’t going to back down or “run away from the battlefield.” More than thanking Tanushree, I think she is warning Anu Malik to beware of what is headed his way. And we are so glad someone as headstrong as her is raining hell on a man who assaulted more than a half a dozen women. It takes one woman to bring down a whole corrupt system anyway!

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She wrote, “My own fight is not against just one man, but with an entire system which normalizes sexual harassment and encourages perverted behavior, power play and a lopsided system. I am not one to tire easily or run away from a battlefield and one odd fight might be lost but ultimately the war will be won. “The tide is turning and while it does take time, the good people of the world do rally together to fight evil and help change things for the larger good. So many speaking up and showing solidarity in public has strengthened the movement. MeToo will not die that easily, the second wave is here and its TimesUp now.”

She also added that the removal of Anu Malik from the show will be a “symbolic victory” for all those who are fighting tooth and nail to make India a safer place for women and children. In her statement, she also refers to this battle as a “good over evil kind of fight,” and then goes on to name all of Anu Malik’s victims.

We need more people like Sona to stand up and take a stand against thick-skinned men like Anu Malik. If a deep-rooted change is what she is after, she is not only on the right track, but we want her to know we stand behind her.

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