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Neha Bhasin Was 21, Shweta Pandit Only 15 When Anu Malik Was Sleazy Around Them. Why Are We Protecting These Men?

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We’ve shouted from rooftops. We’ve screamed our lungs out and yet, it continues. Men who are creeps are being invited back into positions of power, being lauded on television and except Sona Mohapatra, it looks like no one cares. Yes, we are talking about Anu Malik but unfortunately, it’s not his story alone. Yesterday, Sona Mohapatra talked about her husband got a call from Sonu Nigam because she was being vocal about these men and she wouldn’t stop. Apparently, Sonu Nigam asked Sona’s husband to keep her in check. Yeah, we can’t even.

Despite the allegations by multiple women, these men continue to thrive. Yes, they were ousted from the show/movie they were doing at the time, but most of them are back in business. They are strutting their stuff around like they were never gone. Why this bullshit? And why are we okay with this?

Why does a channel need a Anu Malik so bad? Or perhaps these allegations mean that he will always be in the news which could mean loads of press. Because why have a conscience when you can have TRPs?

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And it’s not limited to Anu Malik. Nana Patekar is doing a movie now, all the accusations being brushed under the carpet for now. Despite their very valiant stance when the news broke out, Sajid Khan was involved in the making of Housefull 4. Alok Nath bagged himself a role after the allegations as well. I mean, why encourage women to speak up if you don’t care that they did? Why must their experiences be mocked in this manner? Except a few women who are speaking up and continuing to wage the war, the #MeToo movement in India has become a tiresome burden, but only for the women. The men are walking around being merry.

And the thing it, we thought it was changing. We were hopeful. We shouldn’t have been.

People like Vishal Dadlani who have loud voices that they can use continue to sit besides these creeps and talk about equality and important “issues.”

We shall continue to ask. Why are we protecting these men? In a country of more than a billion people, we can’t find talent to replace the likes of these men? Shame.

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