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Anu Malik Has No Idea Why He Was Out Of Work. Sona Mohapatra Reminds Him It’s Because He’s A Sexual Predator

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There are women who are quiet and strong. And there are women who won’t mince their words and give it back as good as they get it. Sona Mohapatra is the second kind and we are glad she’s talking about the issues that matter. The singer who has always been very vocal (pun intended), about calling spade a spade and never shied away from laying her opinion, real and harsh as it may be, is in the news for her very strong words for the a stupid but confused Anu Malik. 

Quite recently, Anu Malik was been fired from the show Indian Idol, because you know, he was accused of sexual misconduct by several women including singer Shweta Pandit. In fact, when Anu Malik had no significant statement to make about the situation, it further affirmed his role in the situation. Several allegations emerged, and not just against Anu Malik, against a bunch of men, and the cause was supported by Sona Mohapatra even then. She also accused Kailash Kher for sexual misconduct. And just when we were hoping that Bollywood would shun these men, ushering in a new era that was safe for women, Anu Malik was offered another TV show and we lost it. Our minds and our faith. 

The accused has been gone only a couple of months and is now back on a TV show and it made us cringe. A slap in the face for everyone who had been fighting this war against those in power and with influence,  with the industry welcoming such predators back with open arms. Clearly this was a cause for rage. And so, when last night Sona Mohapatra took to Twitter, to once again shed light on the accused singer’s many misdeeds, which he seemed to have forgotten, we stood in full support of her. 

Minutes later, she posted another tweet saying , “One more ‘reason’ & the number of them is quite large Mr. Anu Malik. Do take note, producers of @superstarsinge @SonyLIV, your show hosting him is supposed to be aimed at kids between 2 & 15 yrs? “Singer Shweta Pandit calls Anu Malik a pedophile”

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And we understand where this was coming from. To see years worth of struggle, oppression and pain first transform into a national and global movement, only to see it crumble down at the feet of the industry that still employs such predators is not just hard to witness, but almost threatening to our existence. Especially since the only message that this is spreading is how normal a life an accused will go on to live despite being publicly called out for sexual misdemeanour. Be it Alok Nath, Vikas Behl, or now Anu Malik, do we really want to see these men get a clean chit?

Clearly, Sona is not the type to quietly sit down or be backed into a corner without a fight. And that is something we all must learn from her to do. To not give up on raising our voice for what and who is wrong.

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