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Sona Mohapatra Is Talking About How Inappropriate It Is To Let Children Dance To Songs Filled With Sexual Innuendos. We Completely Agree With Her

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Sona Mohapatra has already proved herself to be a force to reckon with. After winning a battle against #MeToo accused sexual predator Anu Malik, she seems to have shifted her focus on other issues that need to be talked about as well and we are glad because she’s persistent which means you can’t brush her and her voice under the carpet. We are absolutely in awe of her boldness and ability to make her voice heard. At a time when the whole country is mourning the loss of its daughters , Sona has brought up an issue that though might not seem quite as important but can quickly escalate if not nipped in the bud.

Taking to Twitter, Sona has raised her concerns about the prevailing fad of parents shoving their children on stage during a concert while an artist is performing live. Here is the problem with that -while it may seem like a fun way for the parents to see their kid up on stage, it is highly inappropriate and unsafe for the child to be dancing away to songs filled with sexual innuendos.

The tweet shows Sona and a child whose face has been covered on stage during one of her concerts. Along with the picture, she also posted a long statement requesting the parents to refrain from shoving their children on stage since it is not only disrespectful to the performer but also very “creepy” to watch the kid gyrate to songs like Bedardi raja and Bano Tera Swagger.

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The caption of the tweet read, “While India outrages about how we treat women & more so when we are subjected to extreme acts, let’s take some time to think about how we treat our children, what we teach them & what environment they are growing up in. THIS happened for the nth time in one of my concert stages.”

Though it might seem harmless, it isn’t. There is nothing appropriate about a child who is barely 11-years-old twerking away to songs that aren’t meant for that age. Sona is bringing out a very vital point when she says it isn’t the child’s fault. Children are supposed to be an embodiment of all things innocent and cute but at that age they are also highly impressionable. This is the fault of the parents who will use all means necessary to see their kids up on stage. Don’t they see the repercussions of letting their daughter gyrate to Bedardi Raja?

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Over the weekend, my mother and I were watching a dance reality show for kids. And that’s when it hit me this issue that Sona is talking about runs deeper than just concerts. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying the kids who are participating aren’t supremely talented because they dance better than most trained dancers I know. All I am saying is that maybe it is not the best idea for the show to air an episode where a 7-year-old child is crumping to one of the most inappropriate songs ever. There are ways to showcase a child’s talent with having him or her be inappropriate and teaching them things they are too young to understand, let’s please try finding those ways.

And it’s not just those lyrics. It’s the inappropriate moves – the pelvic thrusts simulating coitus and the like – all wrong.

On one hand, we are doing everything in our power to empower women and put a complete stop to all things sexist. But, what about the children? What about what is appropriate for them, because this clearly isn’t. We are glad Sona stopped her show to address an issue like this one. More power to you, Sona!

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