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Sona Mohapatra And Vikramaditya Motwane Slam ‘Kabir Singh’ Director Sandeep Reddy Vanga For His Hypocritical Tweet

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The brutal rape case of Hyderabad’s Dr. Priyanka Reddy has shocked the entire nation. I, for one, get chills just thinking about something as heinous as this. How inhumane do you have to be to actually rape and then burn someone to cover up the whole thing? I think all the punishments that fit a crime like this, died with the medieval ages. They do deserve to be tortured, lynched and then burnt at the stake. But unfortunately, it isn’t up to us to decide, is it?

In the wake of all this, all we have done is using social media to protest and talk about it. It is the desperate need of the hour to create an environment in our country where women can seek help for something as trivial as a punctured tire, without being viciously raped and murdered. It really shouldn’t be this difficult for us as a society to explain to these men that women are not objects that they can use to fulfill their disgusting fantasies.

A lot of Bollywood celebrities including Richa Chadha, Akshay Kumar, Farhan Akhtar, and Swara Bhaskar expressed their grief about this case that has once again, brought our country down to its knees. They all demanded stricter laws and effective punishment. One such tweet was fired out by Kabir Singh and Arjun Reddy director, Sandeep Reddy Vanga. Of course, netizens were less than forgiving and slammed him for this utter hypocrisy.

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In his tweet, Vanga wrote “FEAR is the only factor which can change things radically in a society and FEAR should be the new rule. Brutal sentence will set an example. Now every girl in the country needs a firm guarantee. I request @warangalpolice to come into action.”

It isn’t surprising that he thinks fear will solve all problems because that is essentially what he is portraying in his movies that glorify the very essence of toxic masculinity. I know that a gang-rape is way more gruesome than the violence he has depicted in his movies. But at the very core of both those unjustifiable acts is a man who just wants to assert his dominance on a woman while she is at her most vulnerable. And that is exactly what makes him the world’s biggest hypocrite.

Replying to this tweet, one person commented, “that is rich coming from you!” Another one said, “We do FEAR that directors like you will influence young minds into thinking that stalking/harassment/toxic masculinity is synonymous with love.” It goes on and on, but you get the picture, don’t you?

Along with these numerous people, singer Sona Mohapatra and Udaan director Vikramaditya Motwane also replied to his tweet with comments that called out his hypocrisy.

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Sona became a household name after her battle against #MeToo accused Anu Malik which forced him to step down from Indian Idol, She has never shied away from calling a spade a spade. She replied to Vanga’s tweet saying, “Would also help if you did your job better. Stop making films where you glorify sexist behaviour, misogyny & violence against women. Films like Kabir Singh aka Arjun Reddy where you ride on male toxicity for commercial gain. Maybe use your ‘virtue signalling’ in your work?” Word.

Meanwhile, Vikramaditya replied saying, “Will that FEAR stop them from slapping her?” This is in reference to how Shahid Kapoor’s character in Kabir Singh slaps his girlfriend who was played by Kiara Advani. When the movie hit theaters, Vanga was made to defend his movie for many obvious and pressing reasons.

For his defense, he’d said, “I feel all the criticism the film faced is pseudo. When you are deeply in love there is honesty in the relationship. If you don’t have the liberty of slapping each other, I don’t see anything in that relation.” Of course, his weak explanation for why his protagonist is physically assaulting a woman did not sit well with the audience.

It is good that Vanga is trying to be part of the conversation about the Priyanka Reddy case. But the same concern does not reflect through his work. In fact, his movies paint a completely different picture. One where misogyny and severe patriarchy is the definition of “true love”. That is the reason why people are going absolutely crazy over his expression of anger over this horrific situation. He is essentially the man that cried wolf.

Here is the thing though, we do this all the time. Digress from a larger more complex issue and focus on something else. The main crisis here isn’t what Vanga or anyone else said, it is what happened to veterinarian doctor Priyanka Reddy and how can we stop such brutal things from happening ever again.

Let’s please not stray and find a solution so we can ensure a safe and secure environment for all women.

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