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Sona Mohapatra Says Channel Used The MeToo Movement For Promotion Of Their Show. We Do See Her Point!

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There are two kinds of criminals-  the person who commits the crime, and the other who knowingly does not take appropriate action to stop the crime. And if you have been following this Sona Mohapatra v/s Anu Malik case as closely as we have, then you know this sticky situation has both those types. Anu Malik is obviously the accused and according to Sona Mohapatra, the bystanders to that alleged crime are the people over at Sony TV. When you ponder on this for a while, it starts to make sense.

Sona Mohapatra has proven her mettle as a woman who will fiercely take this battle till the end without losing hope or giving up. She has become the face of the now nearly dead #MeToo movement.  Last year, she along with singer Neha Bhasin and Shweta Pandit accused music composer Anu Malik of sexual misconduct. Of course, Anu Malik has been denying all claims and giving nonsensical statements since the beginning *rolls eyes*

Now, Sona has targeted Sony Television by saying that they used the #MeToo wave for their own publicity. Yesterday, she posted a video on Facebook talking about how her friend Yadunandan Nagaraj has received calls from his friends who are expressing their concerns on how cynical they feel this industry is. About how rich and powerful people can never be brought to justice for they have equally powerful allies. It used to by cynical, but now there is a ray of hope isn’t there?

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She goes on to say that she is indeed talking about Anu Malik who is still one of the judges on Indian Idol that airs on Sony TV. She says, “I am talking about Anu Malik who has been continuing for years. Everybody knows of his sick behaviour. So many women spoke up, but Sony felt that ‘let’s make this into a publicity stunt’. They started their show by having a whole promotion around a contestant forcibly kissing one of the judges.”

She further added, “It’s shocking that they picked up a whole promotion around a contestant kissing… that means they are taking publicity and enjoying and using the MeToo Movement for their advantage. They created attention for their show through this.”

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She went to say that there was no appropriate action taken to combat the Anu Malik situation. In fact, the women who were accusing him were told to get proof of their allegations. Adding to that she said, “They did no enquiry, they followed no ‘due process’; instead they said it is their (women) responsibility to prove. How does a one person prove? Does one take a recording device? Does one take a camera, every time one steps out to meet people? How does one prove such things? Yet when so much people speak up, when so many people are scared of speaking up about such matters as they are embarrassed about such matters, are shamed then how can it be beneficial?”

Sona has also written a letter to the National Commission of Women with a compilation of the testimonies of all the women. She is urging people to not lose hope because we live in a better India. Here is the thing guys, this fight needs to be taken till the end.  This case has now caught the attention of the entire nation and it will stand as an example for future cases that as complicated and convoluted as this one.

In the same video, Sona also said, “Thank you all for backing the good fight. We have to hold Sony TV responsible also. They can’t do such stuff for publicity and get away with it — first they hire Anu Malik, do a lot of publicity, garner attention, picked up TRPs, and later said they have removed him… What is happening? They are taking us for granted. Please all of you are intelligent… they are taking us for granted for their personal gain. Guys please stand for the right thing.”

Though Anu Malik has now said that he wants to step down from the show to clear his name, we feel like it is high time we see some real action being taken. If not, then at least an investigation should be opened!

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