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Sara Ali Khan’s Recent Video Showing Her Fitness Revolution Over The Years Is Just The Kind Of Monday Inspiration We Need

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It is a well-known and bitter fact that we live in a society that largely operates on being and staying superficial. From looks to lifestyle, everything about a person is scrutinised by people and held up to unreasonable standards that are set by the society. This is especially true for Bollywood. Actors and actresses are always pushed towards maintaining a certain type of a figure and  it can be exhausting to see already fit celebrities killing themselves to fit into a certain size. But even if they had a journey where they went from being overweight to lean, their pictures are often just taken off the internet. Like their previous lives did not exist.  Which is why it is refreshing to see actress Sara Ali Khan, who has had a fitness revolution in her life being okay with sharing pictures of herself when she wasn’t the size she is now.

Before stepping into Bollywood as an actress, the star kid who is the daughter of actress Amrita Singh and Saif Ali Khan, could possibly be mistaken as a whole different person, for she was one of those celebrities who underwent a total transformation before coming on the silver screen. Sharing on her Instagram account, the Kedarnath actress Sara Ali Khan posted a video of how she looked like before and looking at it we have been forced to reevaluate our decision to use our workout time interchangeably as nap time.

Captioning it, “Namaste Darshako! Lockdown Edition. Episode 2: From Sara ka Sara to Sara ka aadha,” Sara once again shared how comfortable she is  sharing just how much hard work and commitment went into her journey from heavier to fit. Never shying away from a conversation about how she previously looked and owning up to it just as proudly, Sara has always been upfront in discussing about how more than her weight, it was the being unhealthy part that got to her, and motivated her to turn her life around. 

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The video is an accumulation of all her workout videos and snaps that show her giving her 100 percent into training to becoming a much fitter and healthier version of herself. Sara is truly the kind of an inspiration we need to get up on our feet and work on ourselves in this quarantine. And not just in the way of inspiring us with her commitment to staying fit but also in accepting ourselves the way we are before we get to that. One thing Sara has always done.

After all, losing or gaining weight is a personal choice that no one must force you to make, unless it has started to come at the cost of your health, which is your cue to step up and take charge of yourself. As is what Sara Ali Khan did and how!

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