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73-Year-Old Joan MacDonald Is Giving Us All Sorts Of #BodyGoals With Her Ripped Body! She’s Inspiring Us To Go To The Gym

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I like to believe that any workplace’s lunch table is possibly the best kind of a mixer you have to get a conversation going over practically anything. From single, to committed to married, you’re likely to find all types of people, ranting about all the issues and non-issues that plague them. And keeping the politics aside, one topic that seems to always dominate the lunch time conversations is that of fitness. Because talking about the need to stay healthy while chomping on extra cheesy and unhealthy fries is a kick in itself.

Having started working out myself not a week ago, I too actively try to participate in both – the conversation and my workout – and it was only recently while I was going on about how I find it hard to muster enough strength to do it after a long day at work, that I was brought across the story of this 73-yea- old, whose fitness routine has got me both – impressed and inspired.

Joan MacDonald is a fashionably fit looking lady from Ontario, Canada who at the age of 73 is probably fitter than we are at 24, has stolen the internet’s heart with her motivational and ever inspiring transformation from fat to fit. A story, that has broken the internet, showed how the lady who was once put on medication to cure her high blood pressure, cholesterol and acid reflux issues had ended up gaining a lot of weight, only to lose it like a boss!

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Having now become a social media influencer, Joan has garnered over 500,000 followers on Instagram giving all of us some major fitness goals to aspire to. For whoever said that age is just a number must’ve been following Joan too, because if she can be this ripped and chiseled at the age of 73, we definitely can try to be at least half of it in our mid twenties!

Crediting her weight loss and muscle training journey to lifting weights, eating a balanced diet and consuming supplements such as amino acids and protein shakes, Joan is making us wanting to hit the gym. Guess who just earned a loyal follower?

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