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Sara Ali Khan’s Cheat Day With Mom Amrita Singh Is About Eating Dosas. Where Are The Fries?

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I am 23-years-old, and it wasn’t until quite recently that I realised how being slim and being healthy are two very different things. You see, for someone who has been skinny all her life, I never believed in eating right and healthy because it never led to me putting on weight. Except, after surviving on years of junk and oily and fried food, I’d said goodbye to my immunity level long ago. So naturally, when I started getting sick a little too often, I switched to a healthier diet, and I have to admit, it sucked. But it also worked, so that was that. Now, I only ever indulge in sinful treats on occasion, and those cheat days, whenever they are, are full of fries and nachos and momos and pizzas! Something we can’t quite say for our beloved actress Sara Ali Khan, whose definition of a cheat day, is quite different from ours.

The Kedarnath actress, who is usually always snapped outside her pilates or gym class, was recently caught making a detour with mom Amrita Singh to a food joint for a cheat day! And what has us surprised wasn’t the fact that the 24-year-old is just as human as us, giving into her temptation of going off diet on a day, but that she does it. There’s a table laden with food and first of all, there’s nothing loaded with cheese there. Secondly, where are the fries?

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This is a video that we’ve already seen on repeat. It shows veteran actress Amrita Singh accompanying daughter Sara Ali Khan for her cheat day, with dosas the size of the entire table. While Amrita hides her face in the video, Sara candidly questions her mom why she’s eating what she is eating. She says, “Hi mom, we are live on Instagram. Why are you eating like this today? What’s gone wrong?” And well to be honest, we find ourselves asking the mother-daughter duo the exact same question. Because in our experience, no cheat day is complete without something that doesn’t make the scales groan with consternation.

Seems like we’ve been doing cheat days wrong all along, because Sara and mother Amrita Singh, seem healthy even when they are cheating! Sara Ali Khan is currently shooting for her upcoming film Coolie No. 1, alongside of actor Varun Dhawan.

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