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Someone Please Explain Why Sara Ali Khan’s Picture Is So Touched Up That She Looks 20 Years Older?

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There is a reason why it is difficult to find the truth on the cover of most glossy magazines, they are far from it. While most publications are trying to move away from the overly perfected image of fashion and beauty, sometimes they slip up. These fumbles happen in the form of over-editing a cover star’s picture and touching them up to a point where they don’t even look like themselves. There is a thin line between creating glamorous, original looks for magazine covers and being so enthusiastic with the retouching that you lose the essence of it. Which is exactly the case with Sara Ali Khan on the cover of Hello Magazine India’s festive edit…she looks like a 20 year older, botoxed version of herself. And this woman is young!

We have often discussed Sara’s lack of a stylist leading to fumbling design statements, the young starlet is in serious need of a style revision. As compared to her contemporaries like Janhvi Kapoor and Ananya Panday, Sara is yet to find her fashion footing. Which is why a seasoned stylist might be just the thing she needs to transform her image. It will also help her to avoid styling nightmares, like the one on this magazine cover. Is that really how they decided to style a 24-year young Bollywood star?

Photoshop Fail

When I first saw the cover, I immediately showed it to a fellow colleague and asked: “How old do you think this woman is on this cover?”. She responded, “90!”. Sara is one of the prettiest young actresses we have working today. We get to see her natural charm when she is out and about in her pretty cotton kurtas. It is not that difficult to translate a woman’s natural beauty onto the cover of a fashion magazine. With Sara, though, we have a heavily contoured face, ‘dirty blonde’ hair and Photoshopped complexion that has aged her. We don’t even want to talk about Ibrahim Ali khan’s pale face. He looks like he’s seen a ghost.

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The Styling Gaffe

Sara and Ibrahim are styled in luxurious Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla clothes for the festive feature. We love ourselves some stunning AJSK lehengas and sarees. But the fact that both Sara and Ibrahim were not even born when these iconic designers started working in the industry got us thinking. In what way is this a “festive” look for young millennials? If the team behind the feature wanted to feature an indulgent festive edit, they could have gotten someone like Sonam Kapoor or Shilpa Shetty Kundra to do it. These ladies know how to pull off a glittery sheer saree with a dramatic blouse. Heck, Sara could carry it off but right now it comes off as awkward and strange. We aren’t hating, but Sara deserves so much better.

Can we please not have pretty desi ladies subject to unnecessary filters, please?

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