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Priyanka Chopra Thinks This Is The One Thing That Keep Hers And Nick’s Marriage Going. And We Think It’s So Important

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It is often said that in the show business, or in Bollywood for that matter, out of all the things that are bound to curtail your ambition, marriage tops the list. Or so it used to be. For the longest time, actors and actresses would shy away from admitting to being romantically involved with anyone, and even put the idea of tying the knot on hold, so as to not lose out on big projects. But clearly, this isn’t true any more. It all started with Anushka Sharma, she got married right when she was have a really good run with movies and it went all the way to Deepika Padukone. It would be safe to say that the times have changed and for good. Adding to the thought was The Sky Is Pink actress Priyanka Chopra as she talked about the little secret that she believes makes her marriage work.

The global icon and superstar, who got married to the pop singer sensation Nick Jonas in December last year is of the belief that the fact that both her and Nick are so career driven is what binds them together despite their busy lives. She says, “It’s tough, but I’m glad I’m married to someone who understands my ambition and drive.”

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Further talking about what she thinks made her husband Nick Jonas fall in love with her, Priyanka shared, “It’s the thing he fell in love with me for, that’s what he says! For both of us, our professional lives are very, very important. We both come from a non-entitled background; our careers were not given to us. We both have worked damn hard to be where we are, and have had a two decade long career each. We know what it takes to do what we do, and support each other.” And honestly, we couldn’t agree more.

Coming from a humble background, and one that doesn’t directly land you in either a Dharma Production or on a concert tour in front of millions of fans, your work ethic is the only thing working for you, and we understand it would be so important for them. Perhaps that is the reason why, PeeCee’s words resonated with us, for it was all too relatable. In a time like this, when both partners in a relationship are equally passionate about their career as they are about each other, understanding and respecting each other’s ambition can go a long way. Something that is quite visible in Nick and Priyanka’s marriage, as the two are often spotted supporting each other and making appearances at concerts or promotions.

When The Sky Is Pink actress was asked about how she tries to make the long distance work when she is travelling, she replied by saying, “Nick and I don’t go beyond two-three weeks without seeing each other. Wherever in the world we are, we keep in touch, and video call all the time! It’s important to make the effort to have the other person involved in your life. We do that.” As we take down notes for another #couplegoals moment.

Priyanka also said, “You see more and more working couples today. We keep putting too much pressure on ourselves and our relationships. (People tend to think) ‘It won’t work out if I take on too much work’ — and that’s really unfair. It will work out if you want to make it work.” Balancing her personal and professional life, if there is one thing we all can definitely learn from PeeCee it is how to keep our faith in our work and love life alive, up and kicking!

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