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Nick Jonas’ Karwa Chauth Post For Priyanka Chopra Cracked Us Up. Here Are Some Funny AF Tweets That We Loved

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This year, we saw several Bollywood celebrities make the most of Karwa Chauth. Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli fasted for each other, Shilpa Shetty went full filmy and Raveena Tandon had a rather sentimental one. In the middle of all this, Priyanka Chopra was celebrating Karwa Chauth while at Jonas Brothers’ concert! Which was cute and all but made me wonder how she had the energy to be at a concert while fasting. I tried fasting once and slept all day, only to wake up when it was time to eat. Then hubby (not mine, Priyanka’s) Nick Jonas tweeted something, that kinda made him trend in India and rightly so.

He wrote: “My wife is Indian. She is Hindu, and she is incredible in every way. She has taught me so much about her culture and religion. I love and admire her so much, and as you can see we have fun together. Happy Karva Chauth to everyone!” So when we read that, our entire team was amused and having a gala time poking fun at what he wrote. I mean, yes it’s really sweet that he is posting a loved up message for PeeCee but this really sounds like he got either paid or threatened to do it. It also reminds me of the Friends episode in which Monica makes Chandler learn a speech on how easy-going Monica is by rote.

The first thing that came in my mind was the scene from Welcome in which the guy with a broken leg is giving a rehearsed testimonial about how great his boss is. Someone else in our team pointed out how it sounds like the essays we wrote when we were seven. Clearly, this message is the perfect fodder to inspire netizens to bring their humour out of the closet, and they did! Twitterati went crazy with the retweets and comments and it became the entertainment of the day for all of us. Thank you Nick. Here are some of the Twitter reactions that I found hilarious.

This guy implied that it’s actually Priyanka typing it out. I would have totally done that just to mess with my husband!

This guy wants to know what potent shit Nick has been smoking up. Hilarious!

When I read this, I was like someone, somewhere thinks exactly like me. PeeCee please translate it for him; it’ll be fun!

That would have been super fun though! Priyanka must occasionally take over his account and post random shit like a 17-year-old.

We get you bro! This sounds like the several essays we wrote on ‘My family’, ‘My best friend’, etc.

Wow, who hurt you Divyaansh?

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Blink once if you find it funny too!

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