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Priyanka Chopra Talks About Wanting To Experience Motherhood. Is That A Hint That A Mini-Jonas Is Coming Along?

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I have always deemed myself a raging workaholic, the kind who loves her job and would consciously put in more hours of work than required, just to gain that extra bit of satisfaction that comes with it. And while it usually is enough to make me feel good and productive, I would be lying if I didn’t admit about thinking of all the personal ambitions I often forget to pursue in its wake. From wanting to set off to travel around the world, to writing a book, there are quite a few things I see myself doing, not knowing when to start though. But seems like, Priyanka Chopra on the other hand might finally have figured it all out when it comes to seeing through her personal goals.

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In an interview with the The Sky Is Pink actress, Priyanka Chopra shared, “I have personal ambitions now that I haven’t really thought of. I definitely want to experience motherhood at some point. I want to be able to buy a home, which I haven’t done in a really long time. I’ve only been living out of suitcases. I’d like to have a closet.” And that is perhaps true, considering it’s not all that easy to maintain that tag of a global superstar.

She further went on to talk about how she’s never shied away from doing what it takes to get where she is right now and said, “I guess to achieve what you want, you have to sacrifice a few things. There’s no free lunch in the world. It takes dedication, hard work and perseverance. And I’ve never been afraid of that.” A fact that the entire nation possibly knows now if they have been following her movie promotions. The actress, ever since her debut in Hollywood series Quantico, has neither looked back nor slowed her pace.

After being in a strong and fulfilled place in her professional life, that she is now actively thinking about the next step in her personal life. She said, “But especially now that I’m married, Nick and I really want to set down our roots together. I’m not someone who has a bucket list. I don’t make long term plans. They say, ‘Man proposes, God disposes’.” Now, our spidey senses say that this might just be code for the two of them looking ahead at their family planning and thinking about a mini-Jonas! But guess we’ll have to wait and find out where PeeCee’s personal ambitions take her!

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On the work front, her upcoming movie, The Sky Is Pink is set to release in theatres on 11th October!

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