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Pranjal Patil Becomes The First Visually Impaired IAS Officer. This Woman Is So Inspiring!

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Today, I had to stop complaining mid-sentence about it being a Tuesday. I sound like a whiny, little monkey because I realised I was just being dramatic. I have had it easy and I still go on about I don’t have enough. This woman shut me up and I am glad she did. She’s making most of their life, as it comes, and sometimes even making more difference to the society than we are. Meet Pranjal Patil, India’s first visually impaired IAS Officer who has recently taken charge as the Sub-collector in Thiruvananthapuram.

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Making not just herself and her family proud, Pranjal Patil has come through for all of us as the hope we desperately needed. During times like these, when even the most able scramble to make ends meet, Pranjal has set a new precedent for us, proving the fact that talent, hard work and a strong will is all that you need to move mountains in your favour. And it’s like they say, she may have lost her sight, but she never lost her vision.

Pranjal, hailing from Ulhasnagar in Maharashtra, was only six years old when she lost her eyesight, but her dream to make something out of her life was still alive. Graduating in Political Science with a master’s degree in International Relations from the Jawaharlal University, Pranjal had always believed in being well-read and educated, her lost vision was a hiccup for her, not a finality.

From getting a rank of 733 in the first attempt at Civil Services to scoring an impressive 124 in the next year and qualifying for IAS, she always had one message to pass on, “We should never be defeated and never give up. With our efforts we will always be able to achieve what we desire.” And achieved she has.

Having been received with utmost respect and pride by the office staff and district collector K Gopalakrishnan in the state capital, Pranjal Patil has been appointed as the very first visually impaired IAS Officer, and there is a strong feeling that it won’t be her last feat. She shared, “I am feeling extremely glad and proud after taking this charge. As I start working I will be able to know more about the district and would plan better for it. I expect support and co-operation from my fellow members and people of Trivandrum.”

And while we can’t speak for the rest, we are definitely in support and in awe of the woman, who has proved to everyone, that there is nothing as strong as your will power in the world. More power to you, Pranjal!

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