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Babita Tade, The First Woman To Become A Crorepati On This Season’s KBC, Credits Supportive Parents And Husband For Her Win

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When people look at me, and if they had to real pin me down to a stereotype, it would probably be a dumb, fashion girl.  I have been a nerd for most part of my life, actually. From diving into dictionaries in my free time, to being on top of my curriculum, I was as geeky as it got, and honestly speaking – I loved it. From tough algebra problems to translating Shakespearean sonnets, everything came easy to me. But if there was one thing that would always give me a hard time, it would be actually memorising general knowledge facts. I get the dates and names mixed up. An error, Babita Tade, who recently became the first woman to win a crore in the Kaun Banega Crorepati season 11, did not commit.

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Adding on to our happy Friday feels, was the news of a particular Babita Tade from Maharashtra winning a whopping crore rupees after her fabulous appearance in the game show – Kaun Banega Crorepati. Coming from Amravati, the story of Babita is one that has left us inspired and we are in awe of her simplicity and brilliance. Babita Tade, working as a cook to make mid-day meals for the children of government schools, was earning Rs. 1500 a month before she got a chance to turn her life around.

Always enthusiastic about studying, the KBC 11 champion opened up in an interview about her life and shared, “I am a graduate. I cook mid-day meals for a school in Panchkula, Amravati. My family is very supportive. I wouldn’t have reached here had it not been for them.  I got married when I was doing my BA second year and my husband had complete faith in me. He knew I wanted to study further and he never stopped me from completing my graduation. He never even stopped me from pursuing my post-graduation. My kids are also very supportive and they see how dedicated I am to my studies.” And guess now we all saw how well her dedication paid her off. Quite literally, in fact.

Talking about what she’d want to do with the prize money, Babita said, ” would definitely encourage all women to do what they wish to do. There are girls in my school whose parents are not as supportive and they are not able to do what they wish to do. And these are little girls, they are so smart. I would myself like to help them out financially. I want to build a school and a temple. I would also want to spend some money for my family. My husband has struggled a lot and he didn’t really have any support. I would want to support him in whichever way I can.”

As it also turns out, Babita Tade, who decided to quit the show before answering the 7 crore question, had happened to know the answer to that question too, but chose to be on the safer side and left when she had won a crore. A smart choice, we think. Her life struggles, her simplicity, her commitment, all became a moment for the netizens to laud and celebrate, as they took to twitter to share their heartiest congratulations for er. We definitely need more women like Babita Tade in the world!

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