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Mumbai Girl Aarohi Pandit Becomes The First Woman To Fly Solo Across The Atlantic!

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There was a time, not too long ago, when the farthest a family would send their girls was to the extent of the kitchen, or maybe the corner grocery shop in the neighbourhood, accompanied by, of course, their elder brothers or fathers. For the ones who weren’t raised in such a conservative household, they were allowed an education.

But not anymore. As the women fight a daily war against deeply ingrained misogyny and stereotypes, there are a few that have broken all records, quite literally, to touch the skies. This in light and appreciation of Aarohi Pandit, the 23-year old who set a new world record after becoming the first woman to cross over the Atlantic Ocean, flying solo in an ultra-light aircraft.

The girl, and now pride of all women and the nation, had been flying since the age of 17. She started her journey of flying from India and since then, has traveled to Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, across Europe to Scotland, Iceland, Greenland and finally landed in Canada. Her next stop now is Alaska, post which she would travel to Russia before heading back home, where we’d be waiting for her with open arms, singing her praises.

In an interview with an international website, she said, “I just want girls, not just in India but around the world, to know that if you can dream it, you can do it. I have seen men doing it. I got the thought that if men can do it, why can’t a woman?”

Aarohi, who flew 3000 kilometers across the Atlantic in weather that was deemed harsh, dangerous and extreme, tells how she considers flying like “riding on a white bird with long wings.”

The Mumbaikar also shared her experience on the journey that according to her, “was beautiful. Blue water everywhere, open skies. It was one of the most beautiful experiences I’ll never forget.” As won’t we, taking pride in the fact that women are touching the skies, breaking stereotypes and making world records!


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