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Photo Of Amrita Singh Putting A Kaala Teeka On Sara Ali Khan Is Proof That Moms Will Be Moms

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Coming from an Indian family, I realised it a long time ago that apart from inheriting a beautiful brown complexion and an unbelievable tolerance for spicy food and heat, there were other things too that were passed on to me by my parents. One of them being the incessant need to adhering to the obnoxious and absolutely unnecessary superstitions that most Indian parents believe in and unknowingly pass along. Why are we talking about this? Because Sara Ali Khan’s mother Amrita Singh, when it comes down to the well-being of her daughter.

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You’d think that coming from a learned background and having worked in the movie industry for so long, the experiences and exposure you’ve had, might shape your perspective towards life but none of that seemed to have worked when it came to Amrita Singh being a mom. In a picture that has now gone viral, veteran actress Amrita Singh can be seen applying a kaala teeka on daughter Sara Ali Khan, during one of her shoots with brother Ibrahim Ali Khan.

And just like that, putting the truth in the ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ adage, it clearly shows the deep-rooted attachment of Indian moms to all things when it comes to our well-being . Now, I’d be lying if I said that my own mother has never felt the need to resort to a kaala teeka to save me from evil’s eye, or suggested that I avoid taking a path just cause she saw a cat cross it before I did. But last I remember, I was 3 years old when my mom put a teeka on my forehead and considering she’s turned into a pet lover now, the only thing she does after seeing a cat cross a path is chase after them to feed them.

You see, with time, experience and a will to see beyond the blind traditions that we have been stringing along for decades now, everyone tends to grow out of such fickle and meaningless superstitions, as they must also. Now, of course we understand how most of these actions and beliefs stem out of concern and care, and that moms, not matter how much of a star you are, will continue to do mom things.

Yes, Sara is gorgeous and yes, she has many a million fans but dear mom, you think that kala teeka is going to keep her safe? That’s too much superstition, no? Then again, moms will be moms.

Sara Ali Khan is currently shooting alongside actor Varun Dhawan for her upcoming film, Coolie No. 1

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